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Freight Services in Houston, TX
Freight Services in Houston, TX Whether we are providing goods to your clients or moving inventory between your facilities, we understand the importance of each shipment. We're a logistics service supplier. Our clients vary from those who need a one time local pickup and delivery to long term contractual clients needing dependable distribution services. We supply freight transportation services to Fortune 500 firms and single proprietors. While the range of their requirements often vary, they all have one thing in common.

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Customform Transporation
read moreWelcome to the website of WhiteStar Logistics where logistics, transportation, and warehousing have remained our specialty for more than 30 years. Located in Dallas, Texas, our services are geared to increase your production and sales while decreasing costs to maximize your profitability. No matter what size of your business; sole proprietor, small to medium business or large corporation, we utilize our 30+ consecutive years in the logistics industry to help. Whether you need a single package delivery or a complete supply chain solution, we provide the necessary links to build your supply chain network including freight transportation, inventory management, warehousing and material handling.
About Us
read moreOur mission is to provide responsible and effective freight transportation around the world through continuous improvement and ethical behavior while creating a challenging and rewarding environment for our employees, shareholders, suppliers and the communities in which we live. We value our customers and our employees above all else and believe that how we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself: Safety, honesty, reliability, accountability, profitability, efficiency, value, trust, discipline, integrity, creativity, accuracy, work ethic and loyalty.
Delivery Service
read moreAs is clearly documented by this recently-unearthed photograph discovered deep within company archives, WhiteStar's delivery service was founded decades earlier than anyone knew: in the early 1900s by two previously unknown business horses named Bertie and Atticus WhiteStar. These horses were savvy delivery entrepreneurs but they didn't have the all the modern delivery resources we have today at WhiteStar - like our fleet of bobtail trucks, straight trucks, tractors, van trailers, flatbeds ready to zip your freight from Point A to Point B at a moment's notice.
First Mile to Last Mile
read moreGetting product into and out of your transportation network can make or break your supply-chain economics. If you aren't careful, first-mile pickups and last-mile urban-area deliveries can run up to 28% of total shipping costs. At WhiteStar we can help you avoid such fees waiting to ambush your budget at the gate. At WhiteStar, we handle it all - from first mile pickups to final delivery on the customer's doorstep. This way you have the economies of scale working in your favor. Our services span the entire supply chain journey including long-haul trucking, rail or container ship.
read moreIf you've ever taken a car to the airport, flown to another city, then boarded a bus or shuttle to your hotel, you know what transloading is. It's using more than one mode of transportation to move goods where they need to go, on time. I clearly remember taking a motorcycle to Tampa airport, stepping into an electric tram to the terminal, boarding a plane to New York, getting on a bus to the train station, riding the train to Grand Central Station, and finally taking a taxi to my destination near Times Square.
read moreStorage solutions have come a long way baby. And rightly so: every industry needs storage solutions for optimal flow of raw material, components and finished goods. We can help you store almost anything whether bulk, stacked or racked; temporary or long-term storage tailored to your needs. WhiteStar's clean, modern warehousing facilities features more than 460,000 square feet of digitized warehouse space. Computerized organization enables us to provide many services that other companies cannot offer.
read moreThe tradition that started with mankind's invention of the wheel, rolls forward today under the WhiteStar brand. Wheels across town, wheels in the hands of our drivers, wheels moving from coast to coast - 37,000,000 miles by WhiteStar alone. Across the urban landscape, across farms and open plains, motor transport serves more customers and locations than any other mode of transportation. And behind the wheel, the men and women of WhiteStar supply the motive force to keep those wheels rolling. Local, regional and nationwide, WhiteStar measures up.
read moreTo track inventory aggressively and efficiently, WhiteStar uses satellite technology, on-board communication in our trucks, RFID order picking in our warehouses, and one more thing - trained eyes and ears. We maintain strict security within our clean, modern facilities including fire and burglar alarms, video surveillance and motion detection in addition to carrying a million dollar insurance to protect customers against loss. We use our professional expertise of logistics knowledge to manage resources and coordinate in-process inventory, bulk goods and time-critical needs from the point of origin to the point of consumption.
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