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Clothing Stores in Shreveport, LA
Clothing Stores in Shreveport, LA In 1902, the field of Shreveport, Louisiana known as West End was a bustling neighborhood of working-class families and businesses. That year, William Hamilton Davis opened a general merchandise store on Texas avenue selling work clothes, shoes, hats, and tobacco. At the time, the store was known as W. H. Davis General Merchandise (later becoming Davis' Men's Store when W. H.s son took over the store many years later) In 1902, there was a train yard in West End and Davis himself was a former railroad man.

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Shreveport, LA
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Davis' Big & Tall
read moreFor many reasons it is time for the Davis brothers to retire. We are humbled and grateful for the blessings of God upon our family business. Since we were boys, our parents instilled within us a strong work ethic and appreciation for the opportunity to serve the community. We have had the support and patronage of many people across this country, as well as internationally.
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