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Disability Services in Dallas, TX Whether you have never filed for social security disability, or failed multiple times in the past, Dallas disability lawyer Denman can help. Even if you have lost with other disability attorneys, or had other representatives drop your case, we can win the social security disability benefits you deserve.
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Kelley Coffey
read moreI have never posted a review on the internet before but I had such a positive experience with Stanley Denman I knew that I had to share it. The process took a very long time and Stanley advised me of this at the beginning. He was very upfront with me at our first meeting of what to expect the first time around. I dealt with him and only him the entire time. When I called, he answered the phone. When I emailed he always responded in a timely manner. The paperwork and information they wanted was overwhelming and he walked me through it with infinite patience. I was denied disability the first time and Stanley jumped into action and filed an appeal. When we got our hearing date there were some doctor files that were needed and wasn't getting the response from the doctors office that we needed and he went up there himself and waited for the files. That is the kind of commitment he makes to his clients. He made sure that the disability office and the judge had all the files and information that were needed in my case. He absolutely knows how the process works and uses his expertise to your benefit.

He met with me a few days before my appeal meeting with the judge and went over how the meeting would go so that I would know what to expect. The day of the meeting I met him up there and we sat and talked before my appointment. During the hearing the judge had everything she needed about me to make a decision because Stanley pulled all of that together. We talked a bit and then I got approved from the bench - from the bench!! I wasn't excepting that to happen and it was all because of Stanley Denman. He made a long and painful experience painless and I will be forever grateful to him for his expertise. Seriously, if you need an attorney to represent you, even if you have been turned down, Stanley Denman has the expertise and commitment to get the job done. Fantastic attorney and person. Thank you Mr. Denman, you made a difference in my life.
Chris Shorrock
read moreBy reading these reviews is how I chose my SSDI attorney. And Im very glad I did!! Stanley Denman is the ultimate in professionalism and trustworthy. He is also very efficient with not only your time but his. He also set Real list stick an accurate timeline is for which things or decisions would be made and he was 99.9% correct. Which is no surprise with his extensive experience and only representing SSDI clients. I owe Stanley a lot and I highly recommend him to anybody who asks!!!
Steve Ritter
read moreMr. Denman was extremely helpful applying for and receiving disability. He guided me through the entire process. I was turned down after the initial round but was awarded disability on the appeal and didn't need to go to a hearing. I highly recommend Mr. Denman.
Gloria M.
read moreAfter calling a couple of different disability attorney's in the Dallas area with no return calls, I called Mr. Denman and he answered his office phone. We spoke for just a bit and he said he thought he could help me so we set up an apt for the following week. When we met, Mr. Denman sat quietly and listened to me through a lot of tears. He never seemed bothered by my tears and made sure I was okay and gave me all the time necessary to give him the background on my health history. He never seemed hurried and just has a very calming demeanor about him. He got all the info into the application and filed my claim before I left his office. I asked him if he felt I would get benefits and what he told me is exactly what happened. He appealed the first denial, then the second and then we waited and waited for the hearing date to be set. When it finally got set Mr. Denman called me and let me know what I needed to have prepared for the hearing and what to expect at the hearing. The week before the hearing Mr. Denman contacted me and went over everything with me, we meet 30 minutes before the hearing and tied up any loose ends. The whole process was very emotional for me, so the tears started with the first question the judge asked me and didn't stop until the last. I had a response from the judge within a month, but Mr. Denman continued to stay in touch and follow up with the payment center until I had received all of my benefits. I would highly recommend Mr. Denman if you need help with your disability claim. It is a long process that once your claim is filed, there is very little that can be done until SSDI processes your claim. It is a process and you have to be patient! Mr. Denman did his part of representing me from start to finish, which was 2 very long years!
Susie Martinez
read moreI was too nervous to try on my own, so rather than seeking help after trying myself, I went to Mr Denman. His demeanor is calm and comforting. He guided me through everything. The frustrations were only because of the decisions that the SSA made based on the Drs they sent me too. But then the process continues. Thanks to Mr Denman and the support of one of my doctors I was approved. It took over 2 years because of the system. But Mr Denman was there for me every step of the way. I could not have ever done it on my own!
Debbie Wassman
read moreMr. Denman is a true professional. What impressed me most about his service was what happened after we won the case. He was paid immediately, but the back pay was lost in the crazy SS system. He took it upon himself to make several necessary calls, followed up with me on each, and cleared up the mess. Without the extra care he gave us, this situation could have lasted months to years. I would highly recommend Mr. Denman.
Don Mason
read moreMy name in Don Mason I had been trying to work with the Social Security Administration for over two years. I have a neurological condition that had not been diagnosed. I was coming upon my last appeal and in need of a good attorney to help me get my Social Security benefits secured. When looking for a competent advocate you are easily overwhelmed with all the listing so I started calling, what impressed me the most about Mr. Denman is that he answered the phone himself which gave me an instant feeling of security I knew I had contacted someone that would end my two year nightmare with the Social Security Administration.
Working with Mr. Denman was a stress free process he was always available to answerer questions and had a plan to work towards securing the Social Securely Benefits.
I would recommend Mr. Denman to anyone who is in need of an attorney to help the through the process of working with the Social Security Administration.
William Allen
read moreAfter working for over forty years since the age of 13 in the farm fields in the state of Louisiana my health has been declining for years. I was very pro active in seeking help for SSDI, such as searching the internet for research, after my research, I knew I couldn't do this alone, I begin my legal research and Stanley Denman and others webpage would always come up, however it was Mr. Denman page that stood out from the rest, I spent many days and night on his page, I made that call to Mr. Denman. he had me to come in for a medical interview, it was thorough, honest and a straight forward process, he was very sharp. I left his office that day feeling very good about my case, although I knew the feds had a ton of resources Mr. Denman was able to get me the help I so badly needed. I want to personal thank Mr. Denman and I highly recommend him.
Paul Denning
read moreMr. Denman was able to help me at a very difficult time in my life. He handled my disability claim in more than a professional manner. He addressed all of my questions and concerns, and returned messages quickly. There is no doubt in my mind that I chose the best disability lawyer in Dallas. I would recommend him to family and friends and the community at large.
Jeff Neighbors
read moreWent to Mr Denman, very desperate, I had been turned down after 3 months of waiting to hear from social security, I was truly in need and not able to work. He told me exactly what to do every thing from DR's visits to medications I was taking and leave a detailed message of any changes in medications or health and I did I trusted him when he said I might not always be able to get in touch, trust made it easy to leave the messages of any changes,and then in an a shorter time than he said it could be I received a call from social security say I would receive my social security and with back pay,I'm so glad I called him. I was nearer death than even I thought hadn't I have got social security I could not have afforded medical attention. Thank you Mr Denman
John McFeron
read moreIf you are looking for a great disability Attorney. I highly recommend Stanley Denman. After having a stroke, and having my disability claim denied twice. Mr. Denman was able to quickly, and favorably resolve my case. Thank you Mr. Denman for all of your help.

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read moreOur Attorney Fee is no more than that charged by non-attorney representatives, large "big box" national disability firms, or attorneys who handle social security disability as a side-line. Beverley Denman is a degreed nurse on staff with wide medical and clinical experience, assisting in the review and presentation of the medical facts in disability cases to the social security administration. When you hire Stanley Denman as your lawyer an attorney clientrelationshipis created. Many of the big national social security disability firms seem to not understand what arelationshipmeans.
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