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Physical Therapist in Denton, TX We live in Denton, play in Denton and our kids are in Denton Schools. Majority of our 17 employees live in Denton. As one of the oldest locally-operated therapy clinics in North Texas, we pledge to continue to supply state-of-the art quality care with hometown care and compassion. Because everyone is pressed for time, we aim to start treating every patient within five (5) minutes of their scheduled appointment time. At every visit, each patient receives hands on therapy by our Licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists.

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534 North Elm St
Denton, TX
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About Us
read moreDenton Sports & Physical Therapy Center is the most established and comprehensive outpatient physical rehabilitation center in Denton County. Led by veteran physical therapist Dan Proctor, the center maintains a hands-on care policy and hometown compassion in a locally-operated and privately-owned physical therapy practice. For more than 30 years, our services have helped tens of thousands from Denton and the surrounding communities. Leading one of the longest-running physical therapy centers in North Texas, Dan Proctor, PT, is well-trained with physical therapy techniques and how to apply them to patients of all ages and specific physical needs.
read moreAt Denton Sports & Physical Therapy Center, our therapists work closely with orthopedic physicians on preparing patients for orthopedic surgery and facilitating their post-op recovery. Most patients will require physical therapy following their operation - in some cases, as soon as 24 hours postsurgery. The goal is to restore strength, flexibility and range of motion so that patients regain their optimum level of function and enjoy life once again. Clinical studies have shown that active manual physical therapy is highly effective for reducing pain and restoring function quickly after surgery.
Aquatic Therapy
read moreIf you suffer from sore muscles, an aching back or painful joints, it's time to pool your efforts at finding relief. Aquatic therapy is an excellent treatment option for many patients. The buoyancy of water allows patients to perform therapeutic exercises that may be difficult or painful on land. The warm water helps patients relax and provides a gentle resistance that improves strength, endurance and range of motion. The buoyancy of water minimizes the effects of body weight and joint compression on painful joints and sore muscles.
Physical Therapy Services
read moreWhen you have any kind of physical pain or dysfunction, you need effective treatment from a qualified physical therapist. At Denton Sports & Physical Therapy Center, we deliver advanced treatment relying on years of clinical experience. Manual therapy - Clinical studies have shown that hands-on manual therapy is more effective than many other treatment types for relieving pain, restoring function and gaining greater mobility. That's why, at Denton Sports & Physical Therapy Center, manual therapy delivered by licensed professionals is our main focus.
Meet the Team
read moreGet to know our down-to-earth, well-trained and dedicated staff with over 75 years of combined experience serving patients and clients needing personalized, customized care. Inspired by a spiritual mission, you will feel the sincere, genuine desire of our team to get back your health and quality of life. I believe in treating my patients based on the source of their problem, not just the symptoms. An effective practitioner needs to be a good listener in order to discover what the source of the problem really is.
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