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Heating Services in Fairfield, CA Diablo Solar Services has been a San Francisco Bay Area leader in solar energy systems for twenty five years. We provide industry leading Fafco solar pool heating systems to heat even the biggest pools. Solar heating for your pool is free and can extend your swim season up to seven months. We supply solar pv electric panels for electricity production. Our solar photovoltaic panels, like our solar heating systems for pools, utilize leading edge technologies so you receive the most out of every photovoltaic cell.

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Diablo Solar Services
read moreFor many, utilities are one of the top 3 monthly expenses after your mortgage. At the same time, the cost for getting solar panels installed has gone way DOWN. The number one reason people choose solar power for their homes is to save money and lower their carbon footprint. Solar panels have become the perfect starting point for a sustainable lifestyle. Diablo Solar will walk you through the different types of solar products available to meet your specific needs, then provide you with a free, customized in-home solar evaluation.
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read moreYou can trust Diablo Solar's team of professional installers to do the job right the first time. We have installed more solar systems in the East Bay than any other company and have over 223 years of combined solar experience. For over 32 years we've been researching, developing and providing customers with the very best solar products since 1984. Phil and Tim started installing solar systems in the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1970's. For almost 40 years they pioneered the solar installation industry and with the creation of Diablo Solar Services in 1984, personally installed and managed more than 21,000 solar systems; more solar than any team in the history of the Bay Area.
Service and Repair
read moreProviding you with outstanding service keeps your solar system performing longer and more efficiently, while maximizing your savings and lowering your monthly electric bill. Diablo Solar provides shutdown and startup service in the fall and spring to ensure that your solar investment performs at maximum capacity, year-over-year. Let Diablo Solar remove and reinstall your pool, hot water, or solar electric system to its manufacturer's specifications. We will coordinate all scheduling with your roofing contractor.
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