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Cleaning Services in Sacramento, CA Diane's Cleaning Service welcomes you to our Housekeeping and Janitorial Services website. As one of Sacramento's hidden treasures, we strive to resurrect and supply a World Class Cleaning Experience for homes and offices. For the ultimate clean home experience, Diane's Cleaning Service enables you to come home to a relaxing, tranquil and welcoming environment. Let us supply you with an exceptional and unforgettable experience everytime you come home.

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Sacramento Janitorial Services
read moreWe are Sacramento Janitorial and office cleaning experts based locally in Sacramento County, CA. Our janitorial team follows OSHA regulations as to enusure safety. We don't offer generic janitorial cleaning packages or plans, we only offer one janitorial service and that is FULL JANITORIAL SERVICE. We can however, tailor our janitorial checklist to fit your needs. We offer competitive and affordable office cleaning and janitorial rates. Sample our Sacramento Janitorial and Office Cleaning services today and if you dont like our work, you dont PAY.
Sacramento Housekeepers
read moreOur Sacramento Area Housekeepers provide Professional House Cleaning Services that can have your rental ready for new tenants within hours. It is also required that tenant/owners do walk-thru upon completion of cleaning. Once approval of completed work is agreed upon between Diane's Cleaning Service and tenant/owner then payment is received.
Sacramento house cleaning
read moreAlso for sanitary reasons we prefer that you provide us with your broom, mop and vacuum. Visit Zep, Clorox Green Works Mrs, Meyers Cleaning Products and Method products for more information about the products we use. Diane's Cleaning Service is more then just a cleaning service, we provide an affordable, personal and professional experience that people will enjoy and remember. Call Diane at (916) 519-5851 to schedule a Free House Cleaning Estimate!
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read moreI am so impressed! I am German a (and thus a bit exacting), and I come from a generation in which we were still taught the old-fashioned home-maker-only values of cleanliness. That clashes a lot with my modern-day career demands. So the cleaning fell a bit by the wayside, but the values were still there but unfulfilled - and that was making me unhappy. But were they ever up to the job! They dealt with the mess (plus the cats plus me working underfoot) just beautifully while being friendly and totally professional.
Free Home Cleaning tips Housekeeping
read moreWhen cleaning a bathroom, be sure to pay particular attention to grout which can harbor mold or mildew if not properly maintained. If mildew does start to creep up on you, try cleaning with a dilute solution of chlorine bleach in water (one cup bleach to three cups water, increasing the bleach as necessary). Spray or sponge it on, wait a few minutes, then rinse well with clean water. Commercial mildew remover sprays can also be used. When using chemicals for cleaning bathroom tiles, be sure to wear rubber gloves and rinse the area well after cleaning.
Sacramento Housekeeping Services
read moreOur Sacramento Housekeepers provide Professional House Cleaning Services in Sacramento that have been delighting clients for over a decade. House Cleaning Services in Sacramento are not equal, our Sacramento housekeepers follow a strict cleaning checklist to make sure your house is cleaned thoroughly. Not a surface clean like most companies do, just wiping things down and collecting a check is not considered cleaning. We scour tubs, clean grout, clean cabinets, drawers and closets inside and out, dust baseboards, window sills, and blinds, clean light siwtches and fixtures.
Sacramento Housekeeping
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