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Music Lessons in Tulsa, OK Most people when they 1st pick up the guitar have every intention of being creative and finding a means of self-expression. They may seek out guitar lessons, only to find themselves simply learning cover tunes rather than developing the knowledge base upon which a individual style and creative self-expression can be built. You can become a proficient and accomplished guitarist who is capable of arranging commercial and original material through the use of chord and solo/lead guitar techniques, playing across a range of musical styles, and developing your own unique musical voice.

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5111 South Trenton Avenue
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read moreWhen we started, Dick did an assessment of where I was in my talent, and from there we started learning more than just guitar. He was teaching me about theory and was giving me the "why" behind the playing. I was very pleased to gain this knowledge, especially because I knew that it was rare to know without studying formerly at a university. Read the full case study. I was scared that the creativity I had would disappear when I peeked behind the curtain of how it worked. However, I committed to learning theory and Dick Jr.'s system.
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read moreYou will learn both open and closed (barre and non-barre) basic and extension chords, basic and advanced rhythm variations, and a variety of other techniques that allow you to color songs. For soloing, you will learn how to apply arpeggios, scales, and unique picking techniques such as pinching, percussive picking and ‘pick with fingers.' For students who favor styles that employ finger-picking, you'll also learn several fingerstyle techniques and approaches. You'll work on developing your physical relationship with the guitar.
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read moreRegardless of which hand you use on the neck, it's taught the same way. If you use a right handed guitar and are left-handed, this places your strong hand on the neck of the guitar, which can be an advantage. You have the choice of buying a left-handed guitar, but they are custom instruments and are more expensive. However, the acoustic is harder to play because the strings are thicker, so it demands more strength to play. If you are a beginner and have an acoustic (and the courage), it's wiser to use the acoustic because the hands strengthen and the fingers callous more quickly.
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