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Disability Services in Centennial, CO These folding ramps are made from strong, lightweight aluminum making them the best wheelchair ramp for traveling. The weight of these portable wheelchair ramps vary from 10 pounds for the two foot model to 22 pounds for the five foot model. These lightweight wheelchair ramps are 30 inches huge and can hold up to 300 pounds single axle and 600 pounds double axle. They come with pre-drilled holes at the top of the ramp and two steel pins that can be used to secure the ramp in place if desired. Our portable ramps come with a complete one year warranty.

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Disability Systems
read moreThe ADAEZ Door Opener is a commercial grade, electric and battery powered handicap door opening solution with everything needed in one easy to install kit. Options available. It features a regenerative drive system (Charges it's own battery with manual use, ) two wireless activation buttons, push or pull side mounting & plug-in power. Go to ADAEZ Opener. Our Commercial Ramps meet ADA, OSHA and UBC guidelines in all 50 states. The ramps are 48 inches wide between the handrails (custom widths available) and come with child safe guardrails, adjustable legs and extended ADA looped end rails.
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read moreDisability Systems, Inc. was started in 2002 in Denver, Colorado. From the very beginning, our commitment to customer service has been of paramount importance and has been the key to the success of Disability Systems, Inc. We pride ourselves in getting you the information you need to make the right decision for the right product the first time, and at a competitive price. Our business depends on your complete satisfaction. Please don't hesitate to call us with your questions, ask for a written quote or to place your order.
PVI Multifold Utility Reach Ramp
read moreThe utility Reach ramp, with the extended upper hook can clear the bumper on your vehicle for rear door entry use. The rear door utility ramp has a center joint design to eliminate pinch points and adds strength to the highest stress area of the ramp. These ramps are all aluminum construction with a high traction tape on the surface. The utility ramp is available in 6, 7, 8 foot lengths (rated for 800 pounds) and 10 foot lengths (rated for 700 pounds) and are 30 inches wide. Ramps come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and free shipping in the lower 48 states.
PVI Ontrac Wheelchair Ramp
read moreThe OnTrac wheelchair ramp is the perfect solution when you have 1-2 steps and need the extra safety of handrails. The elderly are particularly susceptible to losing their balance when on a ramp if they do not have handrails to hold. A person in a manual wheelchair can also benefit from the handrails by using them to pull themselves up the ramp. The most attractive benefit is that a wheelchair cannot go over the side with the handrails installed. The load rating for the Ontrac ramp is 850 pounds and the width is 36 inches.
Solid Wheelchair Ramp
read moreThe PVI solid wheelchair ramp is a one piece, non-folding ramp. These ramps are ADA compliant when used at a 1:12 ratio and a 36 wide model is used. The wheelchair ramp features, 2 curb edge, non skid surface and all aluminum construction. Perfect for steps up to 5" in height (ADA) or a maximum of a 10" in height for private residential use (5' model.) Simply remove the ramp from the box and position it on your step. The solid ramp should be attached to your step with screws or bolts in order to keep the ramp from slipping off.
Wheelchair Threshold Ramps
read moreThe Elev8 adjustable threshold ramp design provides a range of threshold widths of 32" or 36" and rises from 1" to 6" with 8 different models. The feet on the ramp are adjustable up and down to fit your particular situation. While this product is primarily used for doors that swing away from the house, they can also be used for sliding glass doors, doors that swing inward, and many other various entranceways. 800 pound bariatric rated. Download the Elev8 Ramp Brochure. The standard threshold ramp rests on the threshold of the doorway and can be secured with a few screws if needed.
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