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Engineer in Rochester, MN Domaille Engineering is a global supplier of state of the art technology, product designs, technical engineering solutions and manufacturing excellence. Our Precision Engineering to Manufacturing (E2M) approach utilizes a collaborative/concurrent engineering Customer Centric approach to solve the most challenging design problems. We currently have a complete compliment of engineering and manufacturing experts who thrive in taking products from the conceptual design stage to full production, using innovative techniques to drive out cost, weight and part count while increasing reliability.

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About Us
read moreDomaille Engineering is an innovative contract manufacturing services company for the Aerospace, Defense, and Telecommunications industries and a leading OEM provider of Fiber Optic Equipment. Domaille is a three time winner of the prestigious U.S. Chamber of Commerce blue ribbon DREAM BIG small business award. Today, we lead, The Domaille Family of Companies, an integrated group of manufacturing firms focused on superb customer service in the Aerospace, Defense, National Security and Telecommunication markets.
Quality Plan
read moreQuality Planning is evident throughout the organization and the quality management system practices. Our Quality Engineers start with an evaluation of risk and continue to identify methods to control or eliminate areas of high risk.
Mechanical Engineering Projects
read moreMechanical Engineering requires a solid understanding of core concepts including functional mechanics, as well as forces and thermal environments the product is subject to during use. The majority of Domaille Engineering's expertise in this discipline involves complex electromechanical systems. The Domaille Engineering staff has worked on projects involving chassis, housings, cold plates, and similar items for the electronics industry. The engineering team has also worked extensively with OEM clients on a multitude of projects for commercial and defense applications.
Machine Metal Milling
read moreDomaille Engineering's milling capability includes 3, 4, & 5-axis machines. Our 5-axis work envelope is a 20" cube, while our largest 3-axis mill is capable of 120" in length. Our team has extensive experience with various materials including: Aluminum, titanium, stainless steels, copper, brass, graphite, tungsten, Kovar, molybdenum, and nickel chromium based alloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy, and Invar.
Project Manager Process
read moreDomaille Engineering utilizes a project management system giving customers personalized service. Project Managers offer a primary point of customer contact from the proposal phase through final delivery. This system eliminates project hand-offs from quotation to manufacturing. This allows Project Managers to provide Design For Manufacturing (DFM) input drawn from their own extensive experience and creates a customer centric approach, which saves time and money. The Project Manager assembles a team of engineering, quality, supply chain, and manufacturing experts to execute the project meeting customer expectations with innovative, value-added solutions.
Mechanical Engineering
read moreDomaille shines at augmenting a customer's engineering team on complex, mixed technology assemblies that contain precision components. Domaille's philosophy is to develop the best solution that meets the customer project requirements by leveraging emerging technologies and innovative manufacturing processes. Domaille's firsthand experience having their own product line demonstrates the mindset of achieving design stability, efficient production manufacturability, and ongoing cost reductions. Domaille is not a "machine shop" but rather an extension to the customer's team.
Mechanical Inspection
read moreInternally, Domaille audits their Quality Management System Processes on a continual basis to ensure we are providing added value to our customers.
read moreDomaille Engineering maintains performance standards that go far beyond typical precision machining expectations. Our team has a long history of blending cutting edge technology with proven precision tool making methods/practices. Domaille is home to some of the most talented and innovative manufacturing experts in the world. We have several machining capabilities at our disposal for milling, turning, EDM and grinding. In addition, our Ultra Precision market niche is low volume, repeat machining to the micron level of accuracy, with requests for tolerances within.00005.
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