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Doctors & Clinics in Boston, MA Your medical history is taken to help the orthopaedic surgeon in evaluating your overall health and the possible causes of your joint pain. In addition, it will aid your orthopaedic surgeon determine to what degree your joint pain is interfering with your capability to perform everyday activities.

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read morePro Sports Orthopedics, Inc. provides free interpreter services upon request to non-English speaking, limited-English speaking, Deaf, and Hard of Hearing patients. We coordinate interpreters in face-to-face settings whenever possible. If an interpreter is unavailable at the time of your appointment, we will use a telephone interpreter (video remote interpreter for Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients). When booking your medical appointment, make sure to indicate that you would like an interpreter for the visit.
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read moreOur 4 fellowship-trained sports medicine physicians have over (60) years of experience providing cutting-edge treatments and performing advanced surgical procedures. Our compassionate team of professionals uses a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure the most advanced treatment for all your sports-related injuries. Just as every athlete focuses on his or her particular sport, our team is dedicated to sports medicine, and this ensures the best possible care and outcome. We understand your desire to get back into the game, and will do everything we can to make that happen safely.
read moreFor patients whose joint pain does not improve with medication or physical therapy, joint injections may provide temporary relief. The joint is injected with a joint fluid supplement that acts as a lubricant for the damaged joint. Joint injection schedules and duration of relief vary according to the treatment chosen and the individual patient. Thank goodness it's only a fracture. I thought it might be broken. People often think that a fracture is less severe than a broken bone, but fractures are broken bones.
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