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Medical Center in Boulder, CO The Center for Metabolic Health, Boulder, CO offers state-of-the-art diagnostics and individualized treatment for customers suffering from fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, thyroid hormone resistance and chronic fatigue syndrome. For most people, this collection of health problems has a common factor, which is an impaired metabolism. Lack of exercise, nutritional deficiencies, or certain medications, such as some antidepressants, can all be responsible for slowing metabolism.

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read moreFundamental Physiology, formerly the Center for Metabolic Health, LLC, is an internationally-recognized treatment and research facility based in Boulder, Colorado. Patients come to us from many countries across the world for metabolic evaluation and treatment. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of people suffering from an impaired metabolism, also known as hypometabolism. Fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, thyroid hormone resistance, and chronic fatigue syndrome are all examples of dysfunction due to hypometabolism.
Metabolic Rehabilitation
read moreFunPhysio offers a variety of services so you and Dr. Honeyman can find solutions to your health problems. We realize that people have different needs and do our best to serve everyone. People often begin with a telephone consultation to be sure they are a good candidate for metabolic rehab before scheduling an appointment for metabolic evaluation. As another way to help you make an informed decision, Dr. Honeyman will review, at no cost, your Initial Evaluation Forms. She will let you know via email if you are likely to benefit from her services.
Additional Resources from Fundamental
read moreThere are many, many people who are working diligently to find help for themselves or to share what they have learned with others. Here are brief descriptions of people and organizations that may be helpful to you in your search for help and information. There are others that will be added once permission is received from the owner of the web site. If you would like your web site added to the list, please contact us at info@.funphysio.com. Thyroid Patient Advocacy (TPA) is an independent, user-led, organization established to ensure that all thyroid disease sufferers are given a correct diagnosis and receive effective treatment.
Fundamental Physiology
read moreOur environment includes the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. Most people grasp the idea that air and water pollution, chemicals added to our food supplies, and other toxins can have damaging effects on our bodies. In some situations, prescription medications can be included in toxic substances that can harm health. Our thoughts and emotions factor into our individual environment and can influence our personal health. We adapt to a changing environment and this may mean that we become stronger, more capable people as in "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger".
Self-test for Thyroid Problems
read moreLab test results for TSH, free T3 and free T4 are often "borderline" or "within the reference range" and patients are told that they cannot have a thyroid problem. Your lab tests are just one part of the diagnostic puzzle of finding out if you have a thyroid problem or are hypometabolic. Your symptoms must be considered when we're investigating the possibility of hypometabolism. The number of symptoms that you checked does not indicate the severity of your thyroid problem or hypometabolism. And, the number of symptoms you have does not relate to the length of time it will take you to get well.
read moreMy interest in science and health care was sparked early in life. I was nearly nine years old, scared and bored, wandering in a small-town hospital hallway while my mother was admitted for her radical mastectomy. The lab tech noticed me and offered to let me peek into his microscope. A new universe of life opened to me and my interest in science was captured. I wanted to find ways to help my mother and hoped to avoid the cascade of health problems that followed her cancer surgery. As our family walked through the "revolving door" of doctors' offices and hospitals to search for help for her, we found more frustrations than solutions to problems.
Q & A for Fundamental Physiology
read moreShe is not the typical board certified endocrinologist like those you've probably seen already. Dr. Honeyman is Chiropractic Physician, also known as a Doctor of Chiropractic, with many years of successfully treating patients using metabolic rehabilitation and functional medicine protocols. In 1996 she included the late John C. Lowe, MA, DC's research protocol for fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, and thyroid hormone resistance into her clinical practice. When she added functional medicine testing and treatments the success rates with metabolic rehab improved from 75% to 85%.
Evalutation forms for the Fundamental
read moreYou'll find that there are three different sets of evaluation forms. One is for your initial evaluation and the other two are used in monitoring your progress with metabolic rehab. Please feel free to contact FunPhysio if you have any questions about which set you need to download, fill out, and send to us. The forms are in pdf format so you will need to have Adobe Reader installed in your computer to download and open these files. You can either fax them to 1.888.728.3490 or email them as pdf files to info@funphysio.com.
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