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Dentist in Arvada, CO
Dentist in Arvada, CO Dr. Friedman has worked and trained to develop a practice that exceeds your expectations of trusted, personalized dental care. He brings his patients only the highest that dentistry has to provide by keeping himself and his team informed on the latest advances and techniques. After graduating cum laude from the University of Colorado in 1974, Dr. Friedman went on to receive his D. D. S. Degree from New York University College of Dentistry in 1978. To stay up-to-date on the latest advances in his field, he has completed a one-year residency and has taken over 1, 000 hours of continuing education.

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8795 Ralston Road # 210
Arvada, CO
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Dr. Mitchell Friedman
read moreHere at Lafayette Dental Excellence, we cater to all of your family's dental needs. Our caring dentist and his team practice comfortable, health-centered dentistry with a strong emphasis on getting to know each patient. We are careful listeners and will explain beforehand what treatment is best for your individual needs. Looking for comprehensive services? Dr. Leo Polinkovsky is a family dentist that offers an array of preventative, cosmetic and restorative services. Our practice provides all the dental care you and your loved ones need.
Scaling and Root Planing
read moreIf you have gum disease, our dentist may recommend scaling and root planing in Lafayette, Colorado, to help combat the condition. This treatment, also known as a dental deep cleaning, removes plaque and tartar from both the tooth surface and beneath the gum line. Call Lafayette Dental Excellence at 303-309-0963 to learn more and set up your appointment with Dr. Leo Polinkovsky to learn more.
Smile Makeover Consultation
read moreAt our office, we know that your smile is important to you. A beautiful smile can increase your self-esteem, allow you to feel more comfortable in social situations and help you to be more successful. With our smile makeovers, our practice can change your life! Schedule a smile makeover consultation in Lafayette, Colorado, to see how we can help your smile! Our dentist can go over what cosmetic treatments are available at our practice. Lafayette Dental Excellence can help you decide which treatments will best improve your smile.
Dental and Restorative Implants
read moreIf you need to replace missing teeth, you probably already know that there are many treatment options available. Our office knows that finding the right solution can be difficult. Dental implants can provide a permanent, worry-free solution to missing teeth. At our office we can show you why dental implants are an outstanding choice for replacing missing teeth. Please review the information below and call us at 303-309-0963 with your questions. We are happy to discuss your individual situation with you and schedule a free consultation with our dentist to review your options.
Dental Office Whitening
read moreAt Lafayette Dental Excellence, you can whiten yellow teeth and virtually eliminate tobacco, tea and coffee stains! Both comfortable and affordable, teeth whitening in Lafayette, Colorado, can make your teeth up to six to eight shades lighter. It is safe, effective and fast, and performed only by dental professionals. Learn how you can get a beautiful smile and call 303-309-0963 for a whitening appointment with our dentist, Dr. Leo Polinkovsky.
Dental Veneers
read moreDental veneers at Lafayette Dental Excellence are an excellent alternative to dental crowns. They can perfect your smile by masking stains, hiding chips, correcting misalignment and creating a uniform, beautiful smile. The no-prep technique is perfect for stained, chipped, misaligned or spaced teeth. By bonding porcelain to the enamel, our dentist can create a solid, secure bond. Come visit Dr. Leo Polinkovsky today by calling 303-309-0963 for a dental veneer treatment in Lafayette, Colorado!
read moreYour oral health includes more than just your teeth. Dr. Leo Polinkovsky is committed to the health of all parts of your smile, so we are proud to offer periodontal treatments in Lafayette, Colorado, to help keep your gums healthy and looking great. Come into Lafayette Dental Excellence today and learn more, or contact us at 303-309-0963 and set up a consultation with our experienced dentist.
Cosmetic Dentistry
read moreWhy is visiting our dental practice for whitening, veneers and other cosmetic dentistry services so important? Having a great smile can make a huge difference in the way you look and feel. We offer a complete range of cosmetic treatments at our dental office at Lafayette Dental Excellence to create the confident smile you have always wanted. Our dentist will begin with a detailed smile assessment, discussing what you like or dislike about your smile. Next, we will discuss treatment options to help your smile look more natural, youthful and healthy.
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