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Family Counselor in Boulder, CO
Family Counselor in Boulder, CO I can assist you identify the ways that you interact with others that create problems in your relationships. I love working with people to build happier lives and better, healthier relationships-whatever challenges they face. I do this by creating a safe, non-judgmental environment that enables people to feel comfortable enough to reveal difficult or painful issues. Listening carefully to customers enables me to understand their relationship problems and aid them figure out what they need to feel happier and more satisfied with themselves and their relationships.

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read moreI trained as a marriage and family therapist, have a Masters in Counseling Psychology from CU Denver and a Doctorate in Education from UCLA. I am a licensed psychotherapist in a Boulder psychotherapy practice for over 15 years and am a native Coloradan with step and biological children. My current rate is $120 for a 55 minute session. I take credit cards as well as checks and cash at the end of each session. Research has shown that the most important factor in positive psychotherapy results is the quality of the relationship between therapist and client so I offer a free short initial consultation to see whether we are a good fit.
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read moreOur earliest relationships with our parents/caregivers influence who we are and how we interact with others for the rest of our lives. Connecting with our parents is as instinctual and fundamental as our need to eat and sleep. A good relationship or attachment to our parents allows us to develop our sense of our selves and shapes our personalities. How we get our needs met by our parents as children affects how we see and experience others and the world around us. I help individuals and couples understand how their interactions with others can interfere with having healthier, more satisfying relationships and personal lives.
read moreI am committed to helping those who have risked their lives serving our country, including their families. My training in EMDR/Brainspotting and combat stress allows me to assist veterans and family members resolve lingering effects of combat and deployment.
read moreThe only difference between working with couples and individuals is that I am more directive with couples. It doesn't make sense to let you fight the same old fight in my office; it's a waste of your time and money. I teach couples more effective communication skills to practice in the office with me and then use at home. I also give homework tasks, depending upon what challenges the couple face in their daily lives. When repetitive fights keep happening, then we examine earlier childhood relationships to understand what types of relationship "models" you both have brought into their current one.
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read moreIt depends on what you come in for help with. Then I can help you learn how your early relationship models interact with other people in less than optimal ways. Many times, this new awareness is enough to change these interaction patterns. If not, we will explore whether you could benefit from EMDR or Brainspotting techniques, to help process and release those interactional patterns that are no longer useful. I am trained in a variety of techniques to help couples feel closer and manage conflict more effectively.
Women Depression Therapy
read moreFeeling "blue, " sad, or hopeless does not have to be a part of everyday life-depression is one of the most treatable mental health illnesses. Together we can determine whether or not you have depression and what kind of treatment best suits your situation and needs.
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