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Plastic Surgery in Odessa, TX As aesthetic medicine continues to develop, we're discovering new alternatives for re-sculpting the body. We're discovering ways to inhibit the effects of aging on the skin and muscular system. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I provide a complete array of procedures to aid my patients look and feel better with both non-invasive and surgical procedures. My mission is to encourage change through behavior modification, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle improvement where possible; non-invasive medical procedures when appropriate; and surgical procedures when necessary.

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Breast Reduction
read moreOver the past 100 or so years various procedures have been designed to reduce the size and weight of breasts. These procedures can be divided into those that remove the nipple areolar complex and replace it as a free graft much like a full or partial thickness skin graft. These are called free graft procedures. The other procedures move the nipple areolar complex on a pedicle that continues to bring circulation to it. These are called pedicled procedures. With a free graft you can have 100% take of a graft to a total loss of a free graft and anything in between.
Eyelid Surgery
read moreI think the blepharoplasty surgical procedure has generally become more conservative. I think the brow and the eyelid need to be looked upon as one unit from a surgical stand point. Raising a low brow will help correct problems with loose upper eyelid skin. It has been said that 80 plus percent of post-operative complications occur in lower lid surgeries. We have found that these immediate and long-term problems can be significantly decreased if no incisions are made in the lower lid's muscle. My vertical face-lift removes many of the preoperative findings that in the past would have required eyelid surgery.
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