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Doors & Windows Company in Alhambra, CA Dutch Brothers Mobile Screen Service has been repairing and replacing window screens & screen doors for over fifteen Years. We come out to your home and repair or replace window screens and screen doors all in one trip. Our expert fabricator/installers will be capable to handle all your screening requirements. We currently have cornered the market with our unique mobile workshop designed to hold everything you need to ensure a ideal fit for your window and door screens. We pride ourselves with on time appointments so no waiting around. With our system we're able to offer you quality at sensible prices.

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read moreDutch Brothers is absolutely AWESOME! I have now used these guys 3 times. The first time was to install a screen door on our upstairs patio. They did a beautiful job- no squeaks, no clacking, no problems. The second time, they came to install a doggie door into our same patio screen door. Our new puppy uses that door every day and it works perfectly. Our third job was a little more challenging and required a more special installation. The care that Mike and Josh put into the job was amazing. They wanted to make sure that not only did the screen work properly but that aesthetically the track looked good at the point of entry.
Dutch Brothers
read moreRetractable window screens are a great way to get ventilation without the look of a regular window screen. We carry Rollaway retractable screens because they have proven to be one of the best designs on the market while offering a respectable warranty. Dutch Brothers Mobile Screen Service has been installing retractable window screens for over 17 years.
Dutch Brothers window screens
read moreDutch Brothers Mobile Screen Service has been installing Active swinging screen doors for over 17 years. We have the experience that it takes to install a swinging screen door the correct way. Active screen doors are made of heavy duty extruded aluminum, have three hinges, and will not sag like other swinging screen doors.
Dutch Brothers
read moreIf you want your pet to come through you sliding glass door don't get a obstructive pet panel, get a pet door installed in your screen door! This will allow your pet to come in and out as you desire without having a large panel inserted into your doorway. Pet doors are a great way to keep your screen door closed and lets your pets in & out at their convenience. We carry top quality pet doors that will hold up over time. Pet guards are a great way to protect your screen door from your pets. Our pet guards are made out of aluminum and have a powder coat finish so they will not rust and will continue looking good over time.
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