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Security Systems in Torrance, CA Eagle Protection of California has guarded the assets of homes and businesses large and small for over 3 decades. What makes us successful and our clientele grateful, is that we design and build total security solutions. Eagle designs user specific security plans through a formula of state-of-the-art hardware, that is customized to fit each client's precise needs, and skilled craftsmanship that will complete a functional and aesthetically pleasing installation. Eagle's commitment is to provide ongoing services to its clients and in turn their commitment is a fair monthly fee. As partners, we provide support to each other.

Eagle Protection of California's mission is to contribute to our customer's safety by delivering the finest quality state of the art FIRE, BURGLAR, CCTV, CARD ACCESS and EVACUATION systems at fair prices and on time. Together with our employees and suppliers we will achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through our commitment to continuous improvement: A process dedicated to consistently excellent performance in quality and productivity.

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Torrance, CA
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Eagle Protection - Commercial Security Systems
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read moreExperience the security of Eagle Protection, around the clock, every day of the year.
In a community filled with security choices, Eagle Protection of
California separates itself with distinction. Our services are
capable, professional, and honest. Our Torrance based, family-owned
security services company has created a unique niche in Los Angeles,
valued by families and businesses alike for our proven, consistent
service in home, commercial, government security.

Count on us to care: from our watchful daily patrol and vigilance
to our trained locally-based security operators, Eagle has a reputation
the South Bay for response-and responsibility-that's second to none.
And affordability is one of our core principles: we will always design a
system that works for you and within your budget.

Eagle Protection provides commercial services including: burglar alarms, fire alarms, CCTV, card access, EVAC systems, monitoring, AES-Intellinet, wireless monitoring - Torrance and Los Angeles areas.

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Faisal Kureshi
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read moreThe requirements of today's business landscape demand great flexibility and foresight from your Security company, and Eagle delivers. Our experts consult with you and create a custom installation that provides maximum protection, not to mention peace of mind. All points of access (including "interior" zones) are covered-including high traffic zones as well as areas of vulnerability you may not have even thought of. During our decades of service, we have always dedicated ourselves to finding and deploying the finest, state-of-the-art equipment, built to pass and surpass the most stringent tests.
read moreKnow what's going on at your business with the click of a mouse: anytime, anywhere. An Eagle Rep will go through your business and customize a system that is right for you. Many of our clients even use our CCTV systems as a management and efficiency tool to help handle logistics or optimize employees' time. In fact, nearly all of them claim the money saved - directly or indirectly - by our Eagle CCTV systems, makes the initial investment the easiest one they'll make all year. Theft is caught and deterred with ease.
read moreFire and arson are among a business owner's greatest fears, and Eagle understands. We take every precaution in creating your fire protection, making sure that every detail has been thought of in advance, like a confident army building up its defense. Our experts handle the en-tire process, starting with submittals and following through with approvals: We get permits with the local Fire Marshall, make sure that all current National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA 72) and local Fire Codes are met, and address the mandatory testing of your system, including REG-4.
read moreWhen there's an emergency, the biggest threat to your company and employees is the 'P' word: Panic. When you're under the wing of the Eagle, you'll always feel safe - and by this we also mean shielded from panic, riot, and unnecessary hysteria. The fact is, when a company is prepared, it's protected. Our evacuation system audibly guides people to a central meeting place in a safe and controlled manner, and is supported by conspicuous evacuation lights, recordings and sirens. The evacuation system is ideal for large factories, plants, schools, universities and places that are large and have multiple buildings.
read moreFor the past 30 years, Eagle Protection has been putting homes and families under our wing, one special relationship at a time. Sure, we're technicians, with a real expertise in our field, but we're also family people ourselves. We know that in today's busy, uncertain world, peace of mind is paramount. Nothing will deliver that like securing the perimeter and interior of your home with a suite of Eagle Protection tools: all points defended, all contingencies thought of, and all our operators and service staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
read moreKeys are not just old-fashioned; they're also a security risk. Eagle Protection strongly recommends that you make the switch to an iFOB or iCARD system. That way, you'll have a single, easy-to-track mode of entry, no matter how many doors you need to pass through, and you'll always know who's gained access onto the premises. You'll even know who's made the attempt and failed. In the event of employee termination, a Card Access approach assures you of instant security: just delete the former associate's card code from the system.
read moreNothing is so frightening and as unpredictable as a fire. It strikes like lightning. Within seconds, life changes. Eagle Protection knows the value of decisive response to such a calamity: lives hang in the balance. We take unique steps to make action as easy as possible and confusion-free: for example, our Burglar and Fire Alarms are programmed to work on the same key pad. Our Central Monitoring Station ensures prompt response by the local fire department. And the value is unbeatable. Your monitoring price doesn't go up a dollar.
read moreSimply put, our business is protecting yours, day and night, in calm seas and rough, designing total security solutions that will ease your company's burden and withstand the unforeseen challenges as they come. Whatever the size of your office, warehouse, or factory, you will always be assured the full resources of our peerless Design and Build team. Let us show you how you can monitor every moment of your business day and beyond. Our Design and Build Team will set you up for security success: you'll be able to manage which employees are allowed into certain areas.
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