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Agricultural Contractor in Wilmington, NC Eastern Instruments, a Certified Women's Business Enterprise, is an engineered solutions firm situated adjacent to the North Carolina International State Port in Wilmington, North Carolina. Since 1984, the Company has been engaged in the development of solid particle mass and airflow measuring and control systems for customers in the food, petrochemical and agricultural industries. Many of the legend firms use Eastern Instruments in processes making brands that touch the lives of millions every day.

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Eastern Instrument Labs
read moreEastern Instruments delivers world class flow measurement devices for solids as well as air, within nearly every industrial sector. We hope you find our site useful and we hope you enjoy its new look. Eastern Instruments is a flow measurement solutions company that specializes in accurate flow measurement devices for both solid particles and air/gas. Making world class products is a passion of ours and we hope that you find our complete lines of flow measurement devices as useful and as exciting as we do.
About Us
read moreAt Eastern Instruments, our goal is to provide our customers with the best, most knowledgeable and value added service that we can offer. Eastern Instruments designs and manufactures devices that measure and control the flow of industrial bulk solids and gases. These devices are integrated into systems all over the world in order to help regulate and perform critical process functions. Our flow measurement systems provide a high degree of accuracy and are very simple to install, operate and maintain.
read moreEastern Instruments offers a full range of services in support of our customers, including custom engineering services, start-up assistance for our catalog products and a variety of laboratory testing options. Our engineering services are directed at assuring our customers that our CentriFlow systems, High Beta® Flow Conditioners and VAP3 Pitots are perfectly suited for each and every application. Eastern Instruments offers a wide variety of custom engineering solutions that range from modifying a current catalog product to fit a particular application, to designing, modeling and building an entirely new product or system to your specifications.
read moreEastern Instruments employs a full-time service staff committed to ensuring that our customers have compete access to knowledgeable technicians who can answer questions and assisting in the proper maintenance, repair, installation or start-up of our systems. We offer a variety of start-up services that include on-site calibration and performance validation and equipment training. Post start-up, EI technicians and engineers are available to answer questions, assist with application inquiries, and, if needed, provide on-site maintenance or technical assistance.
System Solutions
read moreA great engineering team has always been at the heart of Eastern Instruments' commitment to quality and ingenuity. EI has forged a solid reputation as innovators by solving complex problems for customers in a variety of industries. Our goal, through the seemless integration of flow measurement solutions into complex process systems is to simplify and optimize process accuracy and performance. Accurately fill both railcars and trucks with nearly any product from granular pellets and grains to powders.
Solids and Air Flow Measurement
read moreEastern Instruments manufactures a complete line of mass flowmeters and flow measurement devices for accurately measuring both air flow and solids. Our line of solids mass flow meters can be incorporated with a feed device of our design or with an existing feed device in order to not only measure, but control the flow of product as well. Contact us today with your application. Our solids flow products include a variety of flow measurement devices as well as feeders, fillers and density measurement devices.
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