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Electrician in Vista, CA Electric Works has been in business since 1988. We do all kinds of electrical work. Varying from electrical repair, construction, design of electrical systems (tiny & huge) to Solar Power systems for homes and businesses. Several of our projects are huge, like Home Depot stores, and others are tiny tenant improvements and homes. We currently have designed electrical power systems from shopping centers to complicated control systems. With over three decades of knowledge, we currently have the know-how to take attention of virtually any electrical need.

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Electrical Services San Diego
read moreSolar Electric Works has been offering electrical services San Diego, CA since 1988: we do electrical repair works and new electrical construction projects. Founder Mark Gipe has been in the electrical / electronic repair work since 1975. Designing everything from Lighting Controls to Robotics, from Electrical Power Distribution Systems to Solar Photovoltaic Systems. We have done many projects from the ground up along with remodels. Solar Electric Works has over thirty five years of experience trouble shooting electrical and electronic systems.
North County San Diego Solar Energy
read moreNorth County San Diego Solar Energy Services: Solar Photovoltaic Panels create electricity from sunlight. This helps our environment. Photovoltaic cells turn sunlight into direct current electricity. An inverter converts the DC electricity into AC Alternating Electricity which is what our homes and businesses use. When you have what's called a grid tied solar system and you are using less than what you are producing, the power your system generates turns your meter backwards giving you a credit with the electrical utility company.
Solar Battery Storage San Diego
read moreSolar Battery Storage San Diego Services: For many years most solar systems were just grid tied. That is to say, they are just tied into the grid without any battery back-up. They produce power when the sun is shining, run the meter backward when you are producing more energy than you are using. At night you draw from the utility grid. One option is a grid tied battery backup system. This type of solar system first charges the batteries then runs the house / connected loads from batteries and the solar panels through the inverter.
Electric Car Charging Stations
read moreWe might not have access to a solar car yet, but with the introduction of the electric car into the market there now is the need for an electric car charging station. We at Solar Electric Works offer a variety of electric car charging stations San Diego options. These charging stations can be hooked up to your house electrical system, a solar docking station, or your home solar energy system. Imagine eliminating your fossil fuel consumption and powering your car off the sun! Whether you have the new Nissan Leaf, the Chevrolet Volt, or the Tesla electric Roadster, Solar Electric Works can take care of your electric car charging stations San Diego needs.
Ground Mounted Solar San Diego
read moreGround mounted solar San Diego panels are perfect for homes and business which don't have an "ideal" roof. If the roof of your home or business does not have the above characteristics, then a ground-mounted solar San Diego system is perfect for you. Ground-mounted solar panel systems are easier to install, maintain, and clean because you do not need to climb onto the roof. Standard Ground Mounts: These solar panels are mounted on a metal frame that is driven into the ground. Some standard ground mounts can be adjusted seasonally so the solar panels are angled to maximize sun absorption.
Commercial Solar San Diego Services
read moreCommercial Solar San Diego installations have a few advantages over residential solar. As per United States tax code IRS Publication 946 table A-1, you can use a 5.5 year accelerated depreciation, helping your bottom line. There are also a number of financial firms that have a variety of options for financing commercial solar projects. Call us for details. Check out our solar installation project for the Little Sister's Truck Wash in Barstow California. Solar Electric Works has been in business for over 30 years and is proud to achieve an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
Grid Tied Solar San Diego Services
read moreA grid tied solar system is one that is always tied to the utility grid. It is designed to offset your electrical bill from the utility company. You can either have the system designed so that it produces enough power so that it keeps you from using more than your base-rate, therefore keeping your bill manageable. Or you can have your system designed so that it produces the amount of energy that you consume in a year. This type of system runs your meter backwards during daylight hours when you are over producing, giving you a credit with the utility company for your night usage when you will be running the meter forward.
Residential Solar San Diego Installations
read moreElectrical rates from SDG&E are on the rise again! By 2019 SDG&E will have moved almost all customers to Time-Of-Use billing. Making energy efficient improvements to your home is a great way to help conserve energy and reduce your monthly energy costs. METRO is making it easy by offering low rates on Solar and Energy Efficiency Loans. The Hero Program allows you to attach the price of a Solar Installation to your property tax. You pay for the Solar when you pay your property tax and the interest of the loan is tax deductible!
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