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Fitness Center in Corona, CA
Fitness Center in Corona, CA Burn calories and lose fat in our Fitness Cardio Bootcamp. Attain defined muscles in our Kettlebell Strengthening and Toning class. Relieve stress and sculpt your body in our Yoga and Flexibility programs, tone your booty, abs, and legs with Embody Barre, a cardio based barre program or learn choreographed dance moves from the hottest music videos as you develop rhythm and a sexy core. Embody Pole Fitness is a fun fitness studio, which not only promotes health and fitness but develops confidence, self-esteem and personal awareness.
Areas Served
  • Riverside, Corona, Orange County, Inland Empire
Business Details
  • Year established: 2010
Highlights & Specialties
  • Pole Dancing Lessons
  • Burlesque
  • Hip Hop
  • Zumba
  • Barre Classes
  • Kettlebell
  • Fitness Bootcamps
  • Hula Hoop
  • ChickFit
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1535 E. Ontario Ave., Suite 104
Corona, CA
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$20 Introductory Pole Dancing Class
Expires on Nov 30, 1999
read moreClick Here for your special $20 Introductory Pole Class

Wondering what Pole Fitness is all about? Change up your workout routine, sculpt and firm, while learning to move confidently in your body. Ditch the boring dime a dozen workouts and spin into something amazing! Embody empowers women of all ages and body types with supportive instruction through adventurous pole, dance and fitness lessons. Spice up your sashay while sculpting and toning your physic, with introductory pole-dancing classes for a special rate of $20.

Each strictly female class begins with a 30-minute warm-up designed to bring out your sultry side while sculpting, toning and increasing circulation. The remaining 60 minutes you??ll learn basic skills, transition moves, and strength moves all while raising your heart rate and blasting fat. A choreographed routine is taught in every class, introducing you to the graceful dance element of pole. Designed and taught by women for women. Our classes offer a supportive, fun, and energizing environment. You may think you can??t but we??ll show you, you can!
$12 Introductory Dance/Fitness Class
Expires on Nov 30, 1999
read moreClick Here for your special $12 Introductory Dance or Fitness Class

Ready to be motivated and challenged? Try one of our phenomenal dance or fitness classes for only $12!

Embody has a huge range of classes for every fitness level. For the person who desires high intensity exercise and fast results. You can burn fat and lose inches in our high impact, cardio based Fitness Boot Camp or build sexy, lean muscles with our Kettlebell Strength Training class. For the person who desires a slower more focused exercise session you can practice isometric training classes that promise serious results.

Enjoy the ancient techniques of yoga or attain the long, lean muscles of a ballerina in our Embody Barre classes. Finally you can just have fun and learn how the hottest moves in our dance classes while you lose inches and burn calories, choose from Zumba Cardio, Hip Hop, Hula Hoop or Burlesque. With such a wide variety Embody will help you meet your fitness goals in a fun, effective way.


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