Emergency Muscle Therapy

Massage Therapist in Rockford, IL
Massage Therapist in Rockford, IL I am a state licensed massage therapist specializing in treating customers with chronic and acute pain. I'm certified in neuromuscular massage therapy, known as trigger point therapy. I received my certification in massage therapy and neuromuscular therapy at Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy. I have 1150 hours of training and graduated in 1995. I've been assisting relieve pain in my customers for over ten years in Rockford, Illinois. I have lived in Rockford since 1982 and graduated from East High School in 1989.

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South Phelps
Rockford, IL
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Emergency Muscle Therapy
read moreSince the PowerBlocks are on one stand they also only take up a little bit of space. You can purchase PowerBlocks in a lighter personal set and sizes up to 85 and 125 pounds as well. I Highly Recommend East Wind Business Complex as a commercial rental space for a small business. I have been renting my massage therapy office from East Wind Business Complex since 2000. My office is perfect in size for me and I have a month to month lease with no security deposit. The rent is extremely affordable and I love the location by East State Street and Mulford Road.
Emergency Muscle Therapy
read moreI ask my clients when they walk in my door, "Would you like to be miserable for the time I treat you on the table, or would you like to keep your pain and be miserable when you leave"? By applying DTF to an area you can release the scar tissue which will lengthen the tissue it is in, this will increase blood flow to the area and lengthen the surrounding tissue and reduce pain. The best way to deal with the pain when the work is being applied is by BREATHING VERY DEEP! So will it hurt? It depends on a lot of factors like how old you are, when did the injury occur, have you ever had massage or other types of bodywork before?
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