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Video Production in Miami Beach, FL Inspiration comes to you in a flash. It is borne from years of knowledge, dedication and insight. For more than fifteen years, we currently have challenged ourselves to supply our customers with inspired creativity. This creativity will show in our work as it rekindles the sights, sounds and feelings you experienced during your event. Emotions and anxiety will be apart of your day and you may not remember everything that happened. But video is timeless and will make sure that every moment and every memory is captured for a life time.

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Empire Video Productions
read moreWe will bring you a "TV" style live broadcast that can involve multiple cameras, power point slides, music, video, sponsor commercials - all of the elements you see in a live TV style broadcast but at a fraction of the cost. Want to sell tickets to your live musical performance? We can put your live broadcast behind a secure paywall that will allow viewers to pay a fee to watch your content. Want to set up cameras that are a thousand feet away to cover "all of the angles?" We utilize a fiber infrastructure designed to cover large event spaces where camera coverage is crucial.
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read moreThe technology of video production has evolved a lot since the late 1990's. The tools to create stunning videos are more accessible and the demand for unique videos are growing every year. The passion that brought us together to create Empire Video Productions is the passion that sustains us every year - to create memorable moments in time. As a dynamic and creative video production company - we currently call Miami, Florida home but Florida is not where we got our start. We began our journey in the video production world in the nation's 3rd largest city - Chicago, IL.
read moreWe are often asked - why video? Pictures are universal when it comes to weddings. If a picture can say a thousand words, a video can invoke a million emotions: a) The sight of the groom seeing the bride for the very first time, b) the longing stares of the wedding couple at their first dance; or c) the proud mother who can't stop crying. Video has the power to capture these times that are real and in the moment. These raw emotions are what makes video such a powerful memory that can be shared with everyone for years to come.
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