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Environmental Company in Billings, MT The EMRC Gas Flow Monitor includes an in situ flow sensor utilizing a range of designs and materials (appropriate metallurgy/ceramic, etc. To fit a huge range of flow measurement applications. Other subsystems include pressure signal conditioning interface, differential pressure transducer and temperature measurement subsystem (Type K thermocouple or RTD) and a primary reference and pressure auto-calibration subsystem ( available for the Type K thermocouple transmitter) The EMRC instrument package is situated off-stack allowing for ease of maintenance and control.

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Energy & Environmental
read moreCreated in 1981 by experienced stack testing experts, the EMRC Gas Flow Monitoring System was one of the first systems of its kind. Today, it's simple, flawless design, high-quality components, and sophisticated tech support make it one of the most popular and effective gas flow monitors on the market. By measuring the dynamic pressure of gas flow in a stack or other duct, the EMRC system can help you efficiently collect the flow data you need to meet EPA and state environmental regulations. EMRC flow data can also be used for process optimization.
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read moreCorporation started out as a stack testing company, conducting emissions testing for industrial clients. The Environmental Monitoring Research Corporation (EMRC) was established in 1981 to address industry needs for full-time flow data. As power plants and other large industrial facilities adapted to meet emissions requirements in the 1990s, the need for full-time flow measurement continued to grow. Today, industrial processes have evolved with the development of technology and the need for collecting full-time flow data has continued to grow.
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