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Law Firm in Charlotte, NC Essex Richards has been serving our community for 40 years, making us one of the oldest firms in the Charlotte area. Since our doors opened in 1976, our lawyers have committed to professional ethics, personal service, and delivering the highest level of legal advice to our clients. Our lawyers dedicate themselves to being more than legal counsel; we have built our firm around the principal that we are here to truly help the clients we represent, because our clients are real people, not just cases.
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  • Year established: 1976
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Bankruptcy Debtor/Creditor Relations
read moreWe're bankruptcy lawyers who help individuals, families, companies, and business owners who need practical and creative help resolving their financial worries in the Charlotte area. Every day, we help clients develop and execute the difficult plan to deal with their business creditors, taxing authorities and general unsecured creditors whether it be through liquidation, reorganization or a coordinated workout. Conversely, we assist clients in selecting the best path to collect money owed to them. Our firm prides itself in partnering with our clients, educating them about their options, providing counsel, and working toward the collaborative goals we set together, striving to minimize surprises and maximize results.
Business Law
read moreAs advisers and counselors to various businesses in and around Charlotte, NC, the business lawyers at Essex Richards are regularly involved in the formation and operation of limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships, and joint ventures. We develop an understanding and appreciation of our business clients objectives and priorities so we can effectively design and prepare business and commercial agreements, contracts, and documents on behalf of our clients. Our transactional attorneys frequently assist clients in structuring, negotiating, and closing routine and complex transactions involving businesses, real estate, and personal property.
ERISA & Long-Term Disability Attorneys
read moreWith decades of experience, the ERISA and employee benefits team at Essex Richards focuses on the representation of individuals seeking benefits under both private policies and group, employer-sponsored (ERISA) plans. When you have a benefit through your employer, ERISA (which stands for the Employee Retirement Security Income Act of 1974) applies. ERISA is the federal law that establishes the minimum standards that are applicable to private employers disability, health, and other welfare benefit plans, as well as retirement and pension plans. From the administrative level to litigation and appeals, benefit claims under ERISA are complicated to traverse, as they are governed by complex regulations with a specialized set of applicable rules and procedures that must be followed.
Family Lawyers & Divorce
read moreMaking the decision to meet with a family law attorney can be difficult in and of itself. Whether youre the spouse considering divorce or the spouse on the receiving end of such a decision, there is a high level of uncertainty and emotion in the process. At Essex Richards, we know how to tailor our legal services and skills to best serve each clients individual situation. Our body of lawyers focus on family law, divorce/separation, child custody, child support and domestic violence.
Personal Injury & Wrongful Death
read moreEssex Richards pursues justice for our clients. For decades, our lawyers have fought complex cases for clients who have been seriously injured. We are conservative with the cases we take and work hard to help our clients. Our lawyers are committed to providing quality services with the dignity and integrity of our firm. If we become your legal counsel, rest assured that we will take your claim seriously and fight hard for your recovery.


Christy Burrow
read moreCaitlin Walton worked so very diligently on my case. While fighting for justice to be served, she also was there for me on a personal level. I had 100% confidence in her ability. She kept me informed throughout the process, as well as, included me in the decision making. I highly recommend Caitlin!
Lee Rogers
read moreNorris Adams went above and beyond to assist me in settling my disability claim. Without a doubt, I would not have been able to have the successful outcome without his and Tonas expertise.
Jessica Reed
read moreEssex Richards not only provides excellent legal services they truly care about your well being. We retained their services during a very difficult time and was well represented. They also cared about seeing the best results with the least emotional and financial impact. Essex Richards was truly a God send and blessing to us.
Meghan Hamrock
read moreJohn Woodman has been a tremendous support for all of my legal needs. He and his team are professional, knowledgeable, and honest. I would highly recommend working with Essex Richards.
Stephen Mcgee
read moreJohn Woodman helped me with a Corporate Bankruptcy. He was very professional through the whole ordeal and explained all options that we had. I would recommend his services to anyone who needs them.
Oliver Mulligan
read moreExtremely satisfied with the firm. Very professional and highly competent.

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About Us
read moreTo serve our clients with needs outside of North Carolina, Essex Richards is affiliated with IR Global, a worldwide professional services network. Essex Richards' membership in IR Global gives our firm direct access to 900+ attorneys and financial professionals with exceptional reputations across the country and around the world. Essex Richards is confident in referring our clients to other professionals in this prestigious network.
Trademark & Copyright Lawyers
read moreA lot rides on a brand, and in today's competitive business world, yours needs protection. The lawyers of Essex Richards are experienced in protecting your name, your brand and your business. Whether you are an existing business looking to protect what you have already developed or a startup looking for advice on where to begin, Essex Richards can help you. We provide practical strategies for empowering you to protect your brand. I have had the pleasure of working with Natalie many times over the past 4 years.
Media and First Amendment Law
read moreOur lawyers represent media companies - newspapers, television stations, radio stations, magazines and book publishers, as well as publishers of online content and hosts of social media sites - in the full scope of legal issues relating to their businesses. The firm's media and First Amendment practice leader is recognized in Best Lawyers in America and in Chambers USAfor his First Amendment and media law experience. Our media lawyers have authored and contributed to leading publications on defamation and media-related issues, including the North Carolina and 4th Circuit chapters of the Media Law Resource Center's 50-State Annual Survey of Media Libel Law and The North Carolina Media Law Handbook.
Appellate Advocacy
read moreEssex Richards' attorneys are well-equipped to guide our clients during all states of litigation and appeal. We have many years of experience representing clients whose cases reach the appellate courts. Our lawyers have handled civil appeals from start to finish in the North Carolina Court of Appeals, the North Carolina Supreme Court, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. In addition to handling appeals for our own clients, we also handle or consult on appeals for other law firms who may lack the time, knowledge, or experience to take their case through the appellate process.
Mergers & Acquisitions
read moreThe mergers and acquisitions lawyers of Essex Richards help business owners and leadership negotiate the complex legal issues involved in buying or selling a business. From the initial consideration of a deal or proposal, through regulatory approvals, financing, operational issues, and deal closing, our lawyers work closely with our clients and their other advisors, where appropriate, to try to make the deal happen as planned and minimize or eliminate surprises. Whether representing a buyer or seller, we help our clients navigate all types of business transactions, including acquisitions, sale of all or part of a business, corporate reorganizations, leveraged buyouts, mergers, and developing and implementing exit strategies.
read moreWhether in business matters, litigation, or family disputes, Essex Richards attorneys practice chiefly as counselors and advocates for their clients. In addition to their practices, however, several attorneys serve as neutral mediators, where their role is to help resolve conflict without going to trial. Our attorneys are certified as mediators by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission, and bring the same level of professionalism and service to their mediation practices as they do to all others.
ERISA Class Action Lawsuits
read moreIn enacting ERISA, Congress sought to set fiduciary standards for trustees and plan administrators charged with protecting and investing employee welfare and pension benefit plans. Courts have described these fiduciary duties under ERISA as "the highest known to the law." Essex Richards is experienced in handling breach of fiduciary duty and prohibited transaction claims under ERISA, including bringing ERISA class actions on behalf of participants, beneficiaries, and plan trustees. When such fiduciary breaches do take place, strict deadlines and procedural rules govern your ability to challenge the actions taken, or in some cases not taken, by plan fiduciaries.
read moreLitigation is not typically a client's first choice; it's not ours either. When possible, we counsel our clients on ways to avoid going to court, but when litigation is necessary, our team brings experience and determination to protect our clients' interests. Our trial lawyers have years of experience in state and federal courts, at both the trial and appellate level. We represent those needing counsel in business and personal disputes - whether a conflict between you and a former employee or employer, a family member, a business colleague, or an insurance company, our litigators are here to help.
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