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Environmental Company in Roanoke, VA ETS was established in 1973 and has an extensive and uniquely broad background in the environmental field. Today its focus is on training, troubleshooting, testing and testimony. The company is well positioned in these fields having in the past been involved in the research, development, design, manufacture, installation, operation and testing of numerous pollution control systems. While ETS is possibly well known for being the world's leading baghouse consultant, it has extensive 1st hand experience with all major air pollution control equipment including wet and dry scrubbers.

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Fabric Filter Baghouse Training
read moreFor more than 40 years, ETS has developed a variety of seminars geared toward educating professionals in the US and abroad, and has provided governmental agencies and industries with texts, seminars and training aids. For example, over 50 fabric-filter seminars have been offered domestically and three abroad, helping to establish ETS as the nation's top consultant in fabric filtration/baghouse technology.
Pilot Baghouse Testing Services
read moreETS has been involved in countless pollution control pilot plant projects in its 45 years of operation. In most cases, ETS designed, built, operated, and tested the pilot plant. From coal-fired industrial boilers to cement kilns to SO2 removal systems, ETS is experienced in virtually any type of particulate your facility generates. The in-house unit offers flexibility of testing with either a standard dust or a specific dust provided by the client. In-house testing provides a controlled environment in terms of dust-loading and pulse cleaning parameters.
Fabric Filter Bag and Fabric Filter
read moreETS is a full-service environmental consulting and training firm specializing in air emissions control, measurement, engineering and consulting services. ETS has conducted thousands of fabric filter bag tests in the last 40 years. The company also has a wealth of experience in air pollution control equipment consulting, fabric filter bag and baghouse design, and fabric filter bag and baghouse troubleshooting. ETS has been providing specialized consulting services to industry and government since the company was founded in 1973.
Fabric Filter Baghouse Regulatory
read moreFor decades ETS has provided assistance to industrial clients in the development and implementation of strategies to gain compliance with Federal and State air regulations. These projects have run the gamut from assisting the client in developing a permit to operate; to the more complex project where we would develop a comprehensive emission inventory for the facility, compare the data with applicable regulations, then develop the required permits to operate. Interface with State Department of Air Quality (DEQ), review regulatory control systems, recommend improvements, provide assistance in implementation, and resolve conflicts with DEQ.
Online Fabric Filter Seminars
read moreETS offers its courses online as well as in person. While both alternatives have their proponents, online training is by far the most cost effective and time efficient method to train personnel.
Statement of Qualifications
read moreBecause ETS has more than forty years' experience with industry and government, and has conducted a vast number of projects for Fortune 100 and 500 clients. ETS has successfully executed contracts internationally, and has extensive experience with a large range of pollutants in all physical forms: we don't need to "reinvent the wheel" on any assignment. ETS is recognized as the world's leading baghouse consultant. ETS has a fully equipped, independent bag and fabric testing laboratory, and participates in the EPA's ETV program for the verification of baghouse filtration products.
Expert Testimony
read moreETS has been providing expert testimony for more than a quarter of a century. The primary focus has been in the area of air pollution control. Clients have called on ETS for its expertise in the areas of particulate and gaseous control technology, system design and operation, cost and performance. ETS is known for both the quality of the work performed and the cost effectiveness of the execution. Most often the cases have been successfully settled out of court based on the technical underpinnings provided by ETS.
ETSI Baghouse Technical Services
read moreFor troubleshooting and testimony inquiries, please contact John McKenna at (540) 265-0004 ext. 293 or You may also contact Terry Williamson at (540) 265-0004 ext. 295 or
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