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Musical Instruments in Waukegan, IL
Musical Instruments in Waukegan, IL For the 1st time in decades, the northern Lake County area boasts a showroom full of pretty new pianos! We supply a totally different piano shopping experience for local families. Clients always talk to the friendly & dedicated owners, who are completely dedicated to them, their children, and everyone's long-term love of music. As piano tuner/technicians with over thirty five years of knowledge between them, Family Piano Co. Is unique in many ways.

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Waukegan, IL
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Family Piano
read moreOur Waukegan & Golf Mill Locations are open for serving the musical community every day from noon to 6:00 pm. Appointments are required. You can still buy with confidence via our online store, email, video chat and/or over the phone. We currently have 1-2 of most models in most finishes in stock. We are continuing to offer free local delivery for any purchase over $100, as well as our Price Match Guarantee. Call 847-775-1988 or email for more details. We work hard to make owning a piano as easy as possible, and we work with a variety of partners to make that happen!
About Us
read moreThe piano is a uniquely powerful instrument, with its 88 notes covering the full range that you'd find in an entire orchestra. The keyboard of the piano is the foundation of Western music theory, and unlocking its secrets leads to deeper mastery on all other instruments. It's deeply satisfying to learn as a soloist, and tons of fun when playing with others. Our mission is to support the piano-playing public with high-quality instruments at affordable prices, and furthermore with our expertise in tuning, repair, concerts, workshops, lessons, emerging technology, and related keyboard services.
Need a Qualified Piano Tuner or
read moreFor most pianos, a piano tuning is only the beginning. Unlike with cars, where a "tune-up" takes care of a lot of little things, a piano tuning focuses on adjusting and correcting the pitch of the 200+ strings. Beyond that, a technician can do a A LOT to improve your playing experience. To keep it simple, we've organized our services into how we can make your piano sound better, feel better, and look better, plus other related services. Even if you don't buy a piano from us, we're happy to come out and service yours.
Piano Refurbishing
read moreOur experienced staff spends significant time going through each piano, to make it sound its best, feel its best, and look its best. We also guarantee our work with a minimum of a three-year warranty. We try to stock primarily newer pianos, built in the last 10-30 years, but we do have some older pianos available as well. Many of these are available through our Rent-to-Own Program. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 847-775-1988 or email us at Overseen by our shop manager Julie Dodds, one of the best case touch-up experts in the Midwest, we make sure our pianos are not only clean inside & out, but look the best they can be.
Choosing a Piano
read moreFriendly, Fair, and Knowledgeable - that's what you get when you work with Alice Alviani, a piano tuner & technician for over 25 years, and Brendan, her son — when we say Family Piano, we mean it! We work hard to keep the buying process simple & enjoyable. 1. Quick Tour - We sample a little from each type of instrument on our floors - new, used, grands, digitals, etc. This way, after hearing a little music from each and getting a little bit of an overview, you have a fuller perspective for making an informed and confident decision.
Private Music Lessons in Waukegan
read moreAvailable on the Google Play or iTunes App Store, a large portion of lessons have been conducted through these video chatting apps. Enjoy learning music from the comfort of your home! Even dedicating just a few minutes of a hectic to playing the piano can have a significant effect on your health. Studies show that playing the piano improves mental health. People who play the piano tend to experience less anxiety and depression than their nonmusical counterparts. Playing for even just a few minutes a day can improve self-esteem, make you feel more positive, and can lower your blood pressure.
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