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Heating Services in Hayward, CA Guaranteed performance that delivers the comfort you expect and deserve at the lowest energy cost. Temperature discomfort is the single most common complaint of office occupants. Wouldn't it be good to have a HVAC system that eliminates comfort complaints while saving energy? FSI has been providing these results to Fortune 1000 clientele for over twenty five years. At FSI, we itemize costs, paybacks and cash flow for every recommendation. And we guarantee our numbers, located on a detailed audit and P. E.certified calculations. If we can't find savings that at least pay for audit, it's free.

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Ferreira Service
read moreFSI's HVAC engineering experts apply their knowledge to developing comprehensive upgrade and maintenance programs that ensure your facilities are operating at peak efficiency and are fully standards compliant. Our service teams are stationed throughout California, serving each region with specialized knowledge of the ways local geography and weather impacts each client's HVAC needs. FSI guarantees a two-hour response time to service calls across the state. The proper operation of your building or facility's HVAC system is crucial to tenant comfort or the other operations your facility serves.
About Us
read moreFSI is one of the largest HVAC service and maintenance contractors in California. We serve a broad range of larger HVAC system operators across the entire state, including Utilities, Cities, Municipal Districts, State Agencies, Commercial Buildings and Property Management Firms, and other Large Facility Managers. We also offer complete engineering and energy-efficiency auditing and system design services, which integrate fully with our skilled installation and service teams. FSI is keenly focused on the delivery of reliable and cost-efficient long-term solutions to offer a better alternative to post-warranty system service and support.
Engineering Services
read moreFERREIRA SERVICE starts the Technical Audit process by collecting comprehensive real -time data on your building's current operation, using sophisticated microprocessors monitored by professional engineers. The resulting database includes information about every factor that influences the comfort levels you experience today, including building loads, temperatures, air flows, and weather patterns. FERREIRA SERVICE also documents the kilowatt consumption, schedule of operation, and operating efficiency of every piece of energy-using equipment in your building, including all lighting systems and HVAC equipment.
Maintenance & Service
read moreAs one of the largest HVAC service and maintenance contractors in California, FSI handles approximately 1000 service requests each month in addition to performing routine preventative maintenance on over 600 commercial maintenance accounts. Our service program guarantees a two-hour response time to all requests throughout the state. But, not just anybody shows up - consistency is critical. Our crews are comprised of skilled, long-term employees, ensuring that when service is needed, the technicians who perform repairs or maintenance will be knowledgeable about your building or facility, and can get right to work performing needed tasks.
read moreWhether a client needs a new system or a complete re-thinking of an HVAC system that is not delivering the performance or cost efficiencies required, FSI's engineering team is ready to tackle the issue and develop a complete, efficient and reliable system recommendation that will fully address every aspect of your needs. Our deep knowledge and experience in the implementation and testing of the systems we design ensures that our engineers' work delivers the performance, savings and long-term operational reliability we promise.
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