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Business Consultant in Waukegan, IL FitzGerald Associates supplies unique business profit and performance improvement services to the managing officers and equity investors of US and Canadian firms. We make possible levels of corporate transformation that are an order of magnitude greater and faster than are obtainable by traditional means. We created (in 1980) a truly unique, and uniquely successful, technology / methodology for our work. It identifies and measures the root causes of performance and triggers changes in them.

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2019 Alta Vis Drive
Waukegan, IL
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read moreAt the root of all our profit improvement work lies the transformation of corporate culture. We seldom use that term, as over the years it has become diluted, vague, and clinched. We prefer a more modern term, the Operating Dynamic. Unfortunately, even though it is gaining in acceptance and currency, many people remain unfamiliar with it. And, as almost every company in the country is now in need of more profits, higher performance, greater competitiveness, and as the very essence of any improvement requires changing the operating dynamic, it may be time to dust off the old term.
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