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Business Consultant in Sandy, UT Focus 20 supports the development of business plans and strategies, but then we remain engaged with customers to help them to tactically execute. By leveraging decades of international business, multiple industry and information technology experience, Focus 20 works with customers to identify, focus, and execute the 20% of effort and activities needed to drive 80% of return for their firms. Driving this 80/20 principal advantage coupled with tactical support enables our clients to completely execute their business strategies and ultimately achieve their business objectives.

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About Us
read moreFocus 20, LLC was formed in the fall of 2001 as a business consulting, business management, and business development firm. The mission of the firm is to provide services that go beyond the typical scope of "strategic" consulting organizations by assisting clients to execute on their business strategies and achieve their business objectives. Our underlining philosophy is to apply the commonly known 80/20 principal to consultative work. Focus 20 assists companies to identify and "FOCUS" on the "20%" of effort and activities that will truly yield 80% of the value back to the company.
Business Management
read moreFocus 20 offers an alternative for small and midsized organizations to leverage the skills and international experience of key management members. Leveraging the 80/20 principle, Focus 20 provides individuals with global management experience on an interim and part-time basis, and can deliver to our clients 80% of the value of a full time equivalent in a much more cost effective manner.
Technology Startup
read moreFocus 20 works with technology start-up companies providing a range of business consulting, management and development services. For more information see a listing of services in business consulting, business management and business development. If you are interested in discussing with Focus 20 investment or services for your start-up company, please contact us at
PLM Industry
read moreFocus 20 provides global PLM business consulting services to assist manufacturers and government agencies establish, justify, acquire, manage, deploy, and audit their PLM programs. PLM is the next enterprise information technology and process-oriented business strategy driving innovative product development and establishment of collaborative product development supply chains essential to more effectively compete in today's global markets. Focus 20 offers a range of PLM services leveraging over a decade of global PLM experience.
PLM Supplier
read moreFocus 20 provides global PLM business consulting services to assist suppliers of software solutions and systems integration services establish, market, develop, sell, deploy and support their PLM business and achieve increased market share and profitability. Focus 20 offers a range of strategic and tactical high value services leveraging over a decade of global PLM experience and four decades of business development. We have assisted many companies establish and improve their PLM related businesses supporting industries such as aerospace & defense, automotive, high tech, electronics, medical devices, process, heavy equipment and engineering & construction.
read moreFocus 20 provides business consulting services to assist companies establish, review, and expand their business strategies enabling them to more effectively compete in their markets. Focused consulting practices include Technology Start Up, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and Business Performance & Investment. Focus 20 offers on an interim and part-time basis business management services by individuals with global management experience in corporate management, sales and marketing, product development and consulting services.
read moreFocus 20 continues to research, gather and document Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) "Deployment Best Practices". This research provides industry with an unbiased review and set of guidelines for PLM deployments to decrease risks and improve the overall achievement of PLM business objectives. Focus 20 interviews companies who have deployed PLM solutions from a range of international PLM vendors including Siemens PLM, SAP, PTC, Dassault Systems, Oracle, Aras and others. Focus 20 is actively searching for companies to be interviewed, should your company wish to participate, please contact Focus 20 at
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