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Language School in Phoenix, AZ Jean-Paul Setlak is the Founder (c. 1981) and Director of Focus Language Training. He was born in Paris, France, and is fluent in French, English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Punjabi, Hindi, and Italian. He holds a Masters degree in French from ASU and a degree in Music from UCLA. As a multilingual teacher and writer, he has developed language and cultural programs in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Punjabi, and Chinese, and has traveled and lectured extensively in the US and abroad.

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read moreJean-Paul has taught thousands of people how to speak and understand new languages. He has taught on beaches, in corporate offices, on factory floors, in trains in Asia, in chateaux in France and in formal classrooms. In more than thirty years of teaching, he has extracted some crucial principles which successful language learners all seem to use. To share those has been his primary goal. He is also a portrait painter and a deep meditation teacher. Whether we teach individuals or corporate students, our course scheduling is always flexible enough to accommodate busy individuals.
Intensive French With A Master
read moreTake an Immersion French Course with native Frenchman and Master Linguist Jean-Paul Setlak, M.A. He has developed an enjoyable and highly efficient approach to help you learn French fast. You will quickly begin to communicate competently and without stress. Highly motivated students can request to extend their training for 1 or 2 additional weeks. We want you to learn quickly and without stress, so you will reach fluency much faster. You will be able to interact enjoyably with natives, and continue to develop your performance and your capacity to Speak French.
Phoenix And Chicago Language Schools
read moreWe use a very direct conversational method imbedding the information about grammar and pronunciation. The student is encouraged to use the language naturally and immediately. After learning and teaching for more than thirty years, Jean-Paul has extracted powerful techniques for learning a language. They are simple but highly effective.
Focus Language
read moreAll of our programs are custom-tailored and specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual client. We will be happy to assist you in creating your particular program, and will respond to your request for a quote within 48 hours. The Easy-pace Program rates are for a series of One-Hour Classes, for One Student, Meeting Twice Weekly, either on-line or at Focus Location. We will respond to your request within 48 hours. Simply let us know the language, the level, the dates and the type of program you are looking for.
French Classes Chicago & Phoenix
read moreTo learn French, as with any other language, you need to get a solid grounding in the essential aspects: good pronunciation, basic practical grammar, sufficient vocabulary, good comprehension and confident speaking ability. It is our teachers' job to lead you through this process in an effective and enjoyable manner. There is an analytical, systematic side to learning a language. There is also an intuitive, unconscious element to this process which needs to be addressed in the overall approach.
read moreMany people believe learning a new language is difficult, boring and time-intensive. It can be fun and easy when you have the right teacher, the right approach and the right materials. You can develop a basic knowledge of your new language quickly so you can apply it immediately. Progress is systematic and enjoyable when you are guided properly.
Hindi Classes in Phoenix
read moreFocus Language offers Hindi classes for beginning and intermediate students. We concentrate primarily on developing good speaking and comprehension skills. We use a conversational approach which allows you to use the language immediately. Hindi is a beautiful language and it connects you to hundreds of millions of people who speak it. It is steeped in cultures and traditions which go back thousands of years. Our Hindi classes are for beginning and intermediate students. Hindi is an Indo-European language and is therefore closely related to European languages at the level of vocabulary and grammar.
Spanish Classes In Chicago & Phoenix
read moreFocus Language offers Spanish classes in Chicago and Phoenix for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. We work with businesses, corporations and individuals. Visit our programs here. Our approach is conversational to insure you can immediately apply what you learn. Spanish is probably the easiest language to learn for English speakers. If you live in the US, it is also the easiest to practice, as there are millions of Spanish speakers who live here. We can design a program to fit your specific needs: business, traveling or personal.
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