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Web Designer in Portland, OR Forix is a mobile and web development firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon with an office in Seattle, Washington. Our development and design teams are known for their experience with custom projects ranging from alluring website designs, to innovative mobile app development. Each member of our team brings a variety of innovative ideas and understanding that can only enhance your objectives.

Forix only uses cutting edge web and mobile technology to ensure the best possible result for our clients.

Through expansion into e-commerce and custom development, Forix grew its team quickly in 2007. By 2010, the development and design teams had doubled more than a few times to keep pace with the increasing demand for mobile applications and sophisticated e-commerce platforms like Magento. Currently, the team is 50 members strong. These professionals include seasoned project managers, experienced software engineers, creative designers, innovative UX designers and obsessive QA testers.

The growth of Forix is a direct result of helping our clients win again and again, through long term partnerships, and a foundation built on reliability.
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  • Portland
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  • Year established: 2001
  • Number of employees: 25
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FORIX, LLC, 2120 South West Jefferson St. Suite B300
Portland, OR
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Web Development
read moreForix is your best choice in Portland web design and web development. From attractive websites, to powerful e-commerce systems and dynamic mobile apps, we tailor custom solutions to fit your needs. We aren't just one step, we are the entire process.

With a team of expert developers, creative designers, and experienced project managers, we have all the tools that you need to create an amazing product. When you partner with Forix, you can dream big.


Satisfied Customer
read moreI had a "do it yourself" website and it just wasn't bringing in the results I wanted. Forix's design blew me away, and their knowledge in marketing my site was very useful. I could see the difference their work made, and it really helped my business grow.
Satisfied Customer
read moreWith mobile traffic increasing, I was worried I was missing out on sales. Forix introduced me to a website that would adapt from desktop size to mobile devices. Now I can view or browse around my website with my iPad, iPhone or laptop!"
Satisfied Customer
read moreI heard complaints about my website not displaying properly on phones and tablets when customers are trying to find information. I decided to find a way to develop a mobile version and was recommend to Forix. They helped design and develop a website that would adapt to screen size between my laptop, and Android tablet. It saved me time and money to use this method!"
Satisfied Customer
read moreForix made me comfortable with my project decisions. They broke down the planning and design to make it easy to understand and literally kept me up to date on each step, asking for input on any changes. In the end my project came out even better than expected!"
Satisfied Customer
read moreI studied design and viewed myself as an expert in the field. When I brought my design ideas into Forix, they gave suggestions and improved them. With their help, my website turned out even better than I expected!"


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Forix Web Design
read moreWere you expecting more from your eCommerce channel? You're not alone. Many of our clients just needed a different approach. That's why we've built a team specifically to do more than just day-to-day maintenance and help you achieve the ROI you originally intended.
About Us
read moreDon't feel like you're on an island making decisions in the dark. There's a lot of things factoring into what makes or breaks an eCommerce website. With over a decade of experience, let us help you dodge landmines that could cost your business valuable time and money. Don't be someone's guinea pig. You deserve better. We're not just devs, we're built to provide structure and help solve your eCommerce problems. Whether it's needing to speed up a slow website, finding unknown bugs that break pages, botched integrations that need repair, or patching new security vulnerabilities, we can help.
read moreHow can you attain more conversions without a sound eCommerce plan? With our Analytics & Optimization services, we'll setup a clear baseline and work with you on strategic goal planning so you can hit your numbers.
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