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Credit Union in Fargo, ND In 1954, less than a year into the infant credit union's existence, its 1st location was literally a tiny cash box kept in the Squadron Secretary's file cabinet. Members making deposits and withdrawals often had to phone 1st to make sure someone would be there to make transactions. From these humble beginnings, the North Dakota Air National Guard Credit Union has accelerated through fifty years of growth to be one of North Dakota's biggest, most successful North Dakota Credit Unions.

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2940 North University Drive
Fargo, ND
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Freedom Community Credit Union
read moreWelcome to Freedom Community Credit Union, a full-service financial alternative with an emphasis toward dealing one-on-one with the individual. Our extensive experience in programs from consumer loans to home mortgages has given us the background to assist you in forging your future. We offer conveniences ranging from Online Services to Nationwide ATM access to accounts and competitive rates. FCCU offers a wide range of financing for all stages of your life. Whether you are purchasing a vehicle, home, or looking to consolidate some debt we can help you out! Stop in and speak with a Loan Officer today!
read moreA great investment opportunity is through a Certificate of Deposit. FCCU offers two options for CDs, a 6 month or 1-year term. A $5,000 minimum is required to open a CD. Once the CD matures, it will be transferred into the savings account of your choice. CD's offer a better rate on your money than a typical savings account, but the funds will be tied up in the CD until it matures. For our 55-and-over crowd, Freedom Community Credit Union offers the Club 55 Share Draft Account. We value our senior members; be sure to check with one of our Customer Service Representatives if you have any questions on the Club 55 Share Draft Account.
read moreApplying for a loan is simple! Simply print the application located at the bottom of the webpage labeled "Applications/Forms". Once you have filled out the application we will also need a month's worth of income verification. You can bring these items to either branch and a loan officer will gladly review the request for you! If you have any questions about the process, give us a call!
Home Loans
read moreMany homeowners don't know it, but their house may be a powerful bit of financial security. Unlike most other large-investment items like cars, the equity you've built up in your home over the years can be recognized as a separate, valuable asset. In this discussion are references to tax benefits that may-or-may not apply to you. It is important you consult a qualified tax consultant to determine how the tax benefits apply to you in your particular situation. Freedom Community Credit Union is not qualified to provide you with any form of tax analysis nor will we be responsible for the consequences of any action you take based upon information provided in this discussion or any other information provided by us.
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