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Doors & Windows Company in Houston, TX Routine repair is a standard service provided to our customers. No matter the issue, a solution can be found by our crew of technicians. In addition , there are no garage doors that we wont fix. There are plenty of mechanical functions that need touch and the attention of a professional. Area Garage Door takes the stress out of the setup procedure as a tech will make certain everything is hooked up the way it ought to be. Garage Door Replacingthere are a lot of reasons to replace your garage doors, while it's merely updating to a slick new fashion, or due to age and deterioration. At Area Garage Door, all garage door replacements are handled by us with extreme caution and precision.
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Garage Door repair
read moreFixing your garage door is important if you want to keep using it without breaking it more. Garage doors may seem like something you do not have to worry about, but there are many moving parts that are vital to your door's lifetime and safety. It is important to schedule routine garage door maintenance so that you can avoid major problems. However, if you need garage door repairs now, you have nothing to lose by giving us a call and setting up a repair service appointment, or scheduling your free estimate for any garage door repair.
Garage Door opener
read moreGarage door openers help you open and close your garage without any hassle. The machine will safely pull and release the chain to your garage door, allowing it to go up and down without any need for human assistance. Simply click a button on your wall-mounted remote, or use the handheld garage door remotes. Garage door openers help in so many ways. Your children can safely open or close the garage door without needing to lift it manually. This obviously is very good for the elderly, or really anyone not able to lift the door or safely close it. If you have bad or weak knees, a stressed back, or other physical concerns, then a garage door opener will make your life a lot easier. More importantly, garage door openers make your garage a lot safer for your family and guests - no matter their age or physical capability. Even people who are physically fit have thrown out their backs and injured themselves while trying to open or close their garage door.

1) Garage Door Opener Repairs
We will come to your home for a free estimate appointment, at which time we may be able to fully repair your garage door opener. Depending on the problem, we may have to come back, but don't worry - our first appointment is totally free, and it doesn't cost you a single penny for us to come out, diagnose the problems with your garage door opener and remotes, and help you understand how to repair your garage door opener!
While we complete our garage door inspections, we can look at various components to make sure your garage door is safe and good to keep using for months or years to come. We can also perform routine garage door maintenance service for you at very affordable rates.
Garage Door Springs
read moreThe garage door spring is responsible for taking on all of the pressure from the garage door. This means the spring is compressed to a point where it naturally wants to expand. This is basic physics, so it's very, very important that spring repair is taken care of by a professional garage door repair company. You definitely do not want to take risks when it comes to fixing garage door springs. If they are aligned improperly or installed incorrectly, you run the risk of having the spring completely explode outwards, breaking your belongings and causing enough damage to actually cause fatal injuries.
Garage Door Service Houston
read moreRepairs for garage doors are best left to the professionals. Your door can collapse if not handled with care. The expertise, training, and experience of a garage door repair company is unmatched when it comes to attempting a do-it-yourself fix. In fact, you may make it worse if you attempt to fix your garage door on your own. If a roller, drum, or any other door component is misaligned or installed incorrectly, you can face serious consequences. If your door collapses, you may risk physical injury or extreme damage to your property - and the door itself! This is especially true when considering the importance of a garage door door spring repair. These springs are under enormous pressure, so even the slightest mistake with the installation of a spring can definitely lead to the entire garage door system failing within its first opening or closing.
Garage Door off track
read moreA professional garage door inspection is perfect for homeowners who are not able to visually assess every component. Whether you are unable to access the top parts of your garage door mechanisms, do not know what to look for, or simply want a professional opinion, you can call us at (281) 631-3610 to schedule an appointment and we will inspect your garage door.


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Garage Door Tracks Houston TX repair
read moreAny homeowner can run into difficulties with house garage doors, particularly when you've had the door for a longer amount of time. Badly installed doors may be all the more susceptible to malfunctioning and damage; you may even become stuck in your garage in the event the door stops functioning correctly. The best thing to do would be to get in touch with the right people who is able to supply quality services you can trust if you are confronted with a problem similar to this that must be solved immediately.
Garage Door Springs
read moreA garage door cable is always under a lot of pressure, with extreme tension. You should not attempt to service, repair, or replace a garage door cable on your own. This job is best left to a professional who can safely work with the garage cable. Garage cables make it easy for doors of all weights to be lifted, by balancing the weight of the door against spring tension. This all goes very smoothly when other parts such as the garage door drums are also intact and strong. It is important to understand some facts about your garage door cables.
Garage Door Springs
read moreGarage door springs are extremely important for making sure your door can function properly and continue to operate as expected when you open/close it. There are a few types of springs, and the type of door you have will affect what garage door spring you need. There are extension springs and torsion springs, as well as vertical side springs for less common installs. The most popular type of door is a standard sectional door that lifts up and lays flat above your car spot in the garage. Both types of garage door springs are found on the very common sectional garage doors.
Garage Door Houston
read moreGarage Door Houston has been active in the repair and installation industry for many years. If you need help repairing or replacing your automatic opener and remote or reconnecting and configuring your door opening technology, then we are here to help. Garage Door Houston helps homeowners and commercial property owners fix automatic garage openers. We can inspect your opener to make sure it is in working order, or diagnose the problem. You may need to repair the opener or even replace your door opener.
Roll-Up Garage Door Repair & Installation
read moreRoll up garage doors are one of the best types if you have limited ceiling or wall space. You can also save yourself some room on your ceilings or walls to make space available for storage, hanging items, or even a workshop area! Roll-ups consist of many metal slats that can wind around a main drum, right above the garage opening. This allows the door to roll up and down without needing to lay flat above your car parking spot like a standard door. Garage doors that roll up are more common in commercial properties, but are perfect for many home solutions!
Garage Door Repair in Houston
read moreWe will make sure to complete a full inspection of your garage door and make you aware of any issues. We'll repair any single component, or we can schedule your full replacement if it is beyond repair. We provide free estimates for all repairs, replacements, and new installations. If you need help with your door, Garage Door Houston is here to help. Our technicians are all extremely well-trained and experienced in the garage door industry. They are able to work with all different types of garage doors, openers, sensors and remotes, and anything you may need repaired or replaced.
Garage Door Services in Missouri
read moreGarage door repairs in Missouri City are our specialty, along with routine maintenance service to protect your garage door and expensive attachments, and full garage door replacement and installation. Our company is equipped with the best resources, professional technicians with certifications in a wide array of industries, modern equipment, and uses these strengths to provide a premium experience at an affordable rate. If you need full garage remodeling, new garage construction services, or a large number of service appointments for your commercial property or other building then we are the company for you.
Garage Door Services in Humble
read moreYou need a true professional garage door company in Humble to take care of your garage door repairs, routine maintenance, replacements, or new installation and construction. We are your local garage experts! If your door is not handled properly, it can collapse in the future with even just minor misalignment problems. Due to the number of different components, the weight of the door, and dangerous springs it is not a good idea to try to fix your door by yourself. Give us a call to learn more, or explore our Humble garage door services below.
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