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Lawn & Garden Equipment in Fargo, ND We trust that yard care products should be specifically designed to fit the people who use them. Building on our rich heritage of over seventy years, we currently have added new features and innovative designs on our Lawn-Boy products - making sure we continue to make it easier for you to enjoy your yard. The original Lawn-Boy was created in 1934 by Ole Evinrude, the legendary engineer behind the world's 1st outboard motor and other great inventions.

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Fargo, ND
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read moreFor homeowners seeking a reliable mower that is budget-friendly and back to basics, Lawn-Boy builds on the quality and craftsmanship that made Lawn-Boy a backyard icon. This mower is "roll up your sleeves" lawn equipment that have the power to cut it in the real world and don't require a second thought or a second pull, making them the clear cut choice for homeowners. 1904: On a hot and humid Wisconsin summer afternoon Ole Evinrude was determined to present his future wife, Bess Cary, with an ice cream cone.
Lawn-Boy Safety Information
read moreIn addition to quality and innovation, safety is an important part of Lawn-Boy's heritage. We care about the well-being of you and your family and encourage you to learn as much as possible about the safe operation of your Lawn-Boy product. Material Safety Data Sheets are available for hazardous materials sold by Lawn-Boy or contained in our products. The information within will identify potential hazards, proper shipping and handling, firstaid measures, disposal considerations, etc.
Lawn-Boy Landscaping Equipment
read moreVariable speed rear wheel drive provides improved traction and control in all mowing conditions. The 21 steel deep dome deck is lightweight yet durable, and it provides excellent mulching capabilities and a superior quality of cut. The 11 high rear wheels assist you in tackling uneven or rough terrain with the powerful, reliable and easy to start Kohler engine. The 11 high rear wheels assist you in tackling uneven or rough terrain with the quiet, lightweight and reliable power of the Honda GCV160 OHC engine.
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