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Tourist Attractions in Billings, MT
Tourist Attractions in Billings, MT Go Native America is honored to work with an esteemed range of cultural representatives and interpreters who contribute to respective Go Native America journeys to enrich your experience. Our representatives are respected members of the indigenous community and represent a broad cultural and professional spectrum: from spiritual and ceremonial leaders, to traditional chiefs and headsmen, to educators, award-winning and finest-selling authors, TV documentarians, world-renowned artists, award-winning journalists, award-winning musicians, and movie advisors.

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821 North 27th Street #120
Billings, MT
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Go Native America
read moreWe take you traveling like an insider with Native American guides, visiting the areas where tribal cultures were formed and history was made. You'll learn by experience - meeting Native people, hearing their stories as handed down through generations and witnessing true tribal lifeways. We offer you the chance to immerse yourself in the indigenous philosophy embodied by "Mitakuye Oyasin" - All My Relations. You will visit reservations, cultural sites, historic hotspots and original homelands that are now designated as National Parks.
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read moreYou will travel in comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles, ranging from 4-wheel drive vehicles (Range Rover/Jeep Sport Utility or similar) to 15 seat passenger vans. All modes of transport are spacious enough for our tour members to travel in comfort. However, luggage space is of a premium, therefore we urge you to read and comply with our 'Packing Checklist'. And remember you should only bring what you can carry comfortably yourself. Our guides and tour leaders cannot carry anyone's luggage for them.
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