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Doors & Windows Company in Katy, TX An excellent garage door repair company offers a whole range of repair, maintenance and installation services. Well-trained technicians who deliver efficient and thorough service are on-hand to serve homeowners.

A garage door is an important part of the house. It actually serves as the houses second door. That is why it is necessary for garage doors to be in proper condition. Gold Coin Garage door repair establishments offer a variety of services related to this valuable part of the home. Homeowners shouldnt wait for their garage doors to be defective before calling a garage door repair company in Katy Texas.

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read moreOur team is a group of specialists that provide 24 hour garage door repair service in Katy. Due to the dedication and professionalism, we have created a loyal following with our clients.

Our technicians have been trained to spot any problems with your door rollers, cables and even hinges. So if you need us to repair just about any part of your garage door, we can easily do this for you.
read moreFor any installation need you might have, be it for your house or office, we offer the best rates for installation services. Moreover we offer a wide selection of choices for doors that we can install for you. We can also help you customize your garage door to suit the dimensions you want or require. So you can be sure that you will only get something that you really want. Should you want to choose your own door, we can also do that for you. We have an extensive door collection wherein you can choose the garage door that would best suit your landscape. You may choose from aluminum doors to steel doors or regular wooden doors. It is all up to you!
read moreApart from repair services as well as maintenance services, Garage Door Repair Katy also offers adequate garage door services Katy for maintenance. As we know the lifespan of a garage door, we know it is very important to get the doors checked and inspected on a regular basis. You need to get the springs checked, as well as the cables and rollers. Should there be any wear and tear, we will definitely replace them right away or repair them, if possible.


Edyl Whiteside
read moreI really recommend Garage Door Repair! Definitely, this is the best service in town! Last week, my sister just asked me to take care of their house in Houston while she and her husband were in a business trip in Boston. One morning, I accidentally hit the garage door opening when I was playing with my baseball bat in the garage. Yeah, I know that was not a very wise idea. Then, I called Garage Door Repair, and they responded fast for my request. I think they arrived less than an hour and finished repairing the garage door opener for an hour only! Lastly, I paid a very reasonable price for the good and fast service they provided. Thank you, guys! You just saved my life!
Debi Robinson
read moreAround 8 this morning, I called Gold Coin Garage Door Repair Services, and they came even before 9 AM. That was really fast since even some of my relatives are having a hard time to locate my place. Anyway, they were very nice and kind. They explained a lot of things about my garage door, how it got broken and how I can take care of it after they repaired it. Speaking of the repair, it was really fast. I think it only lasted less than an hour, and they gave a reasonable price for the service. After the repair, my garage door is like brand new again and as if nothing has really ever happened to it. Thanks, Gold Coin on the Services!
Devon Dyeri
read moreLast week, my garage door got busted, and it was really hard for me to open it. I eventually called Gold Coin Garage Door Repair. The man over the phone was very kind and told me that they will go to my place as soon as they can. Surprisingly, they came within 30 minutes after I called them! The service guy (Im so sorry I forgot your name) was very kind and was very professional to explain me the problem with my garage door, which was something about my main opener. Now, I can open and close my garage door without any hassle at all, and I can say that it is even smoother than before! Kudos to the Garage Door Repair guys!

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read moreHaving a heavy-duty and secure garage door is important for any homeowner. A reliable garage door is actually a necessity. At the same time, a faulty garage door can also be a great inconvenience. When a garage door is non-existent in your home or if it is not working well, a lot of concerns may arise. A garage door is an important part of the household, and a missing or defective garage door may pose some security issues. Most homeowners place not only their vehicles inside the garage, but other important equipment and belongings as well.
Garage Door Services
read moreWhen it comes to providing garage door service Katy, we can safely say that our technicians are definitely some of the best in the field. We do not hire anyone half-baked. We make sure that all the technicians we hire for the job have been well-trained and come with the best qualifications. That way we can be sure that they will carry the company's name well and provide quality of work that is up to the standards our clients are used to. For any installation need you might have, be it for your house or office, we offer the best rates for installation services.
Garage Door Installation
read moreHave you already found a company to attend to your garage door repair? You see, buying, installing, or restoring your garage door requires considerable thinking and good decision making. These are investments that do not only deliver general aesthetics to your home, but more importantly, the safety and security of your family. So congratulations! You have decided excellently in choosing us for your garage door needs. Now that you've finished the purchasing-a-garage-door step, what might be going through your mind is how to install your garage door.
Garage Door Maintenance
read moreWe tend to overlook important things just because we become so accustomed to seeing them every day. In our households, one such often neglected part is the garage door. We use it every day, but in the hustle and bustle of our routines, it is very easy not to pay attention at all. If we regularly drive cars around, garage doors would easily be opened and closed at least twice in a day. Given that we regularly close and open them, leaving them unmaintained could spell disaster for you, your car, and worse, even for your family.
Garage Door Repair Service
read moreYour garage door protects your entire home from sudden bursts of wind, dirt, and soil. It protects your garage from invaders and those who would want to trespass your home. Furthermore, it shields your house from any animal that might carry diseases or could cause harm to you and your family. It is an integral part of your home system. It is also considered one of the most "abused" of all parts of your home. Just imagine how many times in a day you have to access your garage door. These large doors are usually made of wood, metal, or fiberglass.
Garage Door Rollers
read moreGarage door rollers are important parts of a of a garage door's structure. A rusty or broken roller can lead to major damages and worse, injuries. Most of the components or parts of the garage door and its opener are made of metal and are sharp, so it is advisable to seek professional help. Rollers are important because these parts function as the track guide whenever the garage door opens and closes. As such, outdated or rusty rollers produce squeaky sounds every time you open your garage door.
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