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Courier Services in San Diego, CA Golden State Overnight is California's own priority overnight delivery service. Our firm was established in 1995 with a simple notion: California firms should not have to pay high national delivery rates for in-state shipments. Golden State Overnight clients enjoy significant advantages over companies still using nationwide carriers for statewide deliveries: later pickups, earlier deliveries, proactive tracking, unsurpassed client service, and huge savings over national carriers.

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5985 Pacific Ctr Boulevard # 210
San Diego, CA
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About Us
read moreEach day the GLS Group delivers over 1.5 million shipments across the world. State-of-the-art technology and dedicated employees together characterize the process. Learn more about the Group's Story through a visual experience of what reliable shipment with GLS means. Our company cares about keeping our planet healthy and green. We recognize that businesses have a special responsibility to protect our environment and preserve our natural resources. We take that responsibility seriously and are constantly looking for new ways to conserve and promote environmental solutions.
read moreYour time is valuable. You shouldn't have to worry about whether your documents will be delivered safely and on time. We are committed to working with law firms so that direct and indirect costs are reduced and productivity is increased, by ensuring accountability and timeliness of deliveries and focusing on a strong point of delivery process. We focus on a strong point of delivery process with the goal of ensuring successful delivery of your packages, while obtaining a signature, unless you instruct us otherwise.
read moreWe will ensure that your Freight shipments arrive within 1 or 2 days across most of our service area. When you use our services, you'll find that we make it easy to understand how much you'll pay for your shipment with our simple per-pallet rate structure. And to keep things even more simple, our rates are based on zone, so as long as you know where you're going, you'll have no surprises on the rate. We understand that the workday doesn't end at 5pm for everyone; that's why we offer later pickups for your Freight shipments.
Drop Box Service
read moreOur Drop Boxes are conveniently located throughout most of our service area. Drop Boxes are picked up once per day with many drop boxes having pickup times as late as 8:00 p.m. You can determine the location of the nearest drop box by using the Drop Box Locator or by calling the Customer Service Center at 800-322-5555. Drop Box customers may request an office pickup for packages too large to fit into the drop box. To find out the dimensions of the drop box openings, please send an email to:
Pickup Information
read moreIf you ship packages most days, daily scheduled pickup service is available. We will assign your pickup location to a regularly scheduled route, and a driver will come by every day during the one-hour window you choose for your daily pickup. Scheduled service is available at no cost to shippers meeting minimum volume requirements: $100 per billing cycle for parcel shippers, and $500 per billing cycle for freight shippers. If you don't require daily pickup service or your pickup times are unpredictable, you can opt for On-Call Pickup Service and request package pickup from your office on an as-needed basis.
read moreWe offer a strong alternative to the national carriers and other regional carriers, with reduced transit times throughout the West at comparable published ground rates, fewer accessorial fees, later pickup times, convenient ETA notifications, and an easy-to-use online shipping portal. We provide parcel and freight delivery services in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Utah. We deliver to every address in CA, OR, WA, and ID as well as the metropolitan areas of AZ, NV, NM, and UT.
read moreGLS will collect the C.O.D. Payment for the shipment from the recipient of the shipment at the time of delivery of such shipment. The request for Collect on Delivery ("C.O.D.") together with the C.O.D. Payment amount must be specifically listed in the appropriate field on the shipping documents. Please refer to accessorial charges for current published pricing for C.O.D. service, which assessorial charge for C.O.D. service will be billed by GLS to you. GLS will send the C.O.D. Payment actually collected by GLS pursuant to the C.O.D. service to the shipper within three (3) business days of the delivery of the shipment.
Days of Service
read moreThe pickup and delivery schedules for days surrounding holidays may change depending on the day of the week on which holidays are observed in any year. Packages scheduled for delivery on a holiday will be delivered on the next business day following the holiday according to the service standard chosen.
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