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Garage Company in Galveston, TX Our company Goliath Garage Door Repair is happy to be of service to the residents of Galveston, TX and its neighboring areas. We provide both residential and commercial services when you need new garage doors for installation or when you want repair and maintenance for your existing garage doors Galveston.

Here is something that will surely impress you. Our services are of top-quality. On top of that, our prices are affordable and reasonable. We match excellent services to your budget and we guarantee your satisfaction. We dont charge by the length of time the work is done, but by the type of job required. We dont list down extra fees on our bills.

You may call us or send a message if you want to inquire about our rates and services. We can give sound advice about your garage door problems or new garage door purchase. We are glad to be called in advance for consultation. You may visit us at our Galveston office so we can talk about the project. Please do not wait until your old garage door stops functioning properly before you contact us for solutions.

We treat each customer and each job with humble professionalism and real expertise. We train our technicians on the proper way of doing their job and also on the proper way of dealing with customers. We always remind them to be polite, humble, considerate and helpful. We truly claim to be the most reliable company in the industry.

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read moreGarage Door Service has to be done with a complete set of spare parts and small hardware. We carry the best brands in the market. We cannot be the leader in this business if we dont have the best in everything from materials to technology. We have become dealers of the best garage door brands and related hardware. Only the best materials used with the best technology can be used in the best garage door services.

If you need a Security System in your home, you can let the technician connect it to your garage door. The sensors can identify all the movements in your garden, garage, or your home. Your family will be safe and protected. You will receive signals when there are sudden activities within the scope of your sensors. Your sensitive garage door will never be tampered or taken down by thugs and thieves.

You may also customize your garage door because we have expert technicians who are trained to do this. You will be pleased with our personalized accessories and complete line of small hardware we use in the improvement of any garage door. We have springs, batteries, hinges, panels, and windows to match your personal taste and preferences.

Our Garage Door Services are so varied and complicated. But simply put, we are focused on the perfect condition and long-term function of the garage door we install, repair, replace, or maintain for you.

Just call our Customer Service Department for inquiries about our services and products. We are also available for emergency fixes at all times of the day, every day of the week.


Erica Cha
read moreMy sons family went out of town for a reunion with his in-laws, so I stayed in their home for a few days. I went driving on my first day and enjoyed it. However, the garage door did not open when I came back. I was worried, but I did not want to call my son and cause him undue stress. I called my nephew and he found the address and number of this Garage Door Repair Company in the Internet. I contacted them and they were prompt in responding to my request. The technicians were very skillful and knowledgeable about their job and their price was reasonable. They also knew how to treat an old lady like me. They treated me like a queen!
Thomas Davis
read moreMy husband and I were saving money in order to replace our old garage door with a new one- a garage door that we could be proud of. We expected a modern garage door to be quite expensive, so we waited until we thought we had saved enough. When we went to the office of the Garage Door Repair Company, the Technician was very polite. He impressed us with his knowledge about the modern garage door and his exact estimate of its cost. We were shocked that our new modern garage door would only cost us almost half of our budget. We were very happy that we could treat our children to a brief holiday in our favorite resort.
Robert Jeter
read moreOur family was getting bigger, so we made some house renovations and expansion. We needed to have a new garage door that would fit into the space that was meant for it. We knew that this available space may not have the standard measurements for a regular garage door. We contacted this Garage Door Repair Company to solicit their advice and plan the project beforehand. Their technician was a true professional who knew exactly what to do and how much it would cost us. Aside from his knowledge and skill, he was a gracious host who made us feel at home in their office. We felt that we were talking to a long-time friend whom we could trust with our safety and protection

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About Us
read moreOur company, Garage Door Repair Galveston. It is here to provide you all types of garage door services for residential or commercial purposes. When you need installation of a new garage door, an immediate upgrading or replacement of an old door, and regular maintenance of your door, we are here to serve you. We are also experts in making minor and major repairs of an old garage door. We are proud of our long experience and confident expertise because we have been in this business for quite a long time.
Garage Door Services Galveston
read moreIf you value the safety that is provided by your garage door, you should have a list of reliable companies to call in case of garage door problems. Do not just trust anybody when the safety and protection of your family is at risk. It is more expensive to go to substandard companies because of the subsequent need for frequent repairs. If you are looking for the best garage door repair company, go to Garage Doors Galveston because they are here in Galveston, TX and they are ready to cater to your needs.
read moreThere will come a time when you will need to renew your old garage doors. Maybe there were too many problems, and costs were really mounting up. You probably want to sell your property and feel that the garage doors need to fit in better with the rest of your property. You could be running a company and feel that you want to update your commercial garage doors in order to present a better image and achieve greater efficiency. If you live in Galveston TX, a good starting point would be to contact Garage Door Repair Galveston.
read moreTorsion springs on your garage door play an essential role in a garage door system. It is wounded around the middle and at the same time twisted on its axis in order to gain and release enough kinetic energy every time the door closes or opens. Because it's a mechanical device, your spring requires garage door maintenance service to ensure that it will remain dependable and safe. Furthermore, its mechanism must be inspected every year. With the help of our expert garage door technicians, they can determine if there are any worn parts or loose connection which may result in malfunctions.
read moreIs something wrong with your garage door and you can't figure it out? Sounds like you're in a dilemma there. Malfunctions with garage doors mostly originate from within the structure. It is hard to determine the cause of the problem without being familiar with the entire structure of the garage door and its parts. Well, lucky for you, Goliath is here to the rescue. Garage Doors Galveston provides the best garage door services here in Galveston, Texas. We provide all necessary services, including repairs, replacements, maintenance, and installations.
read moreMost people are passive when it comes to attending to the technical needs of their garage doors. This is a huge mistake because not only do you risk incurring big expenditures; you also risk putting yourself and your family in danger. The danger is in the form of property crime. The property crimes here in Texas are prevalent, and there are over 200 property crimes committed on a daily basis. These include trespassing and robbery. We are presenting this information because most of the criminals find their way inside your homes by disassembling the panels of an outdated garage door.
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