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Graphic Designer in Pasadena, CA
Graphic Designer in Pasadena, CA Goliath Graffix specializes in helping companies and organizations become giants in their respective industries.We area graphic design and printing firm committed to developing creative, original and high quality communication materials and strategies for our customers. We will work closely with you to develop a concept and style specifically geared towards your target audience. We are a one stop shop for complete identity creation and production. For us, every project is an opportunity to set a new standard in creative design and printing. By using principles of design, marketing and psychology, we will set your company and or organization far apart from the competition. We believe perception IS reality, therefore our job is to make your audience perceive you in the most positive and lasting attitude. From concept to completion and with personal attention start to finish, Goliath Graffix will help you become a giant.
Areas Served
  • Los Angeles, California and Nationwide
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  • Serving residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Year established: 2000
  • Number of employees: 3
Highlights & Specialties
  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Ad Design
  • Graphic design
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36 West Colorado Blvd. Suite 208
Pasadena, CA
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read moreWe will create eye catching and mind tingling advertising. We believe a picture says a thousand words, but an effective ad only conveys one important idea. That idea is what we will develop and implement in our creative strategy to make you a giant.
read moreBranding is quite possibly the most important aspect of a company and or organization. This is what people will remember you as. Branding is the very foundation of your image. Without an effective brand you cannot create an effective marketing strategy. Image is everything; therefore we take this stage quite seriously. From the name, logo, packaging, collateral, advertising, service and support. The brand is the lasting first impression your audience will have of you. A bad first impression is a large hole to climb out of. We will make sure your first impression is an impressive one. With our capabilities we can make the smallest company seem like an industry giant.
read moreGoliath Graffix is also a printing broker with prices that will put to shame even source printers.We providefull color process printing for any type of project. Our capabilities include but are no means limited to: business cards, brochures, company folders, catalogs, huge vinyl banners, postcards, flyers, posters, stickers, door hangers, T-Shirts and more. We print only high resolution, full color work in order to maintain the quality that is expected of us. All printing is customized to meet your needs. You can choose from matte, glossy, or UV coated paper that ranges in weight (thickness) from 100lbs to super thick 16pt. We also offer rush turnarounds so we can meet any deadline.
read moreDesign, design, design. The main ingredient for any successful advertising and marketing campaign. You can have a great idea or concept but if your design does not convey your message accurately or effectively, then all your hard work was for nothing. Fortunately for you, this is our specialtyour name says it all: Goliath Graffix. We do monster designs, period. We can create designs that will appeal to a 7 year old all the way up to a 77 year old. From aristocrats to average Joes. From college students to rock fanatics and hip hop heads. Our designs transcend cultural barriers, genders, and generations. We believe in research as fuel for creativity. Knowing what motivates and moves your audience before the creative process starts helps us hone the message specifically for them.
read moreYour logo is at the root of your identity. Does your logo convey the emotions, concepts, and ideas that represent your company/organization? Your logo will be the very first contact your customer has with you and as such, will be their first impression. For that reason alone, it is absolutely crucial your logo attracts attention and captures the essence of your business in a simple glance and leaves a lasting impression. Goliath Graffix will do the research and probing necessary to develop an effective logo for your company/organization.
Direct mail
read moreSo we developed a brand, an ad campaign, and printed it all. How will you get your target audience to see your new look?We can take care of that for you too. We will work with you to determine to whom, where, and when to mail out your ads and mail them for you. However if you are located in the Los Angeles or Sacramento area you might want to consider our street team for more of a grass roots approach.
read moreThis service is only available in the Los Angeles and Sacramento areas in California. Our promotions team will hit the streets on a grass roots level. It is one thing to receive promotional material in the mail and it is a whole other level when your promotional materials are presented to your customers on a personal level. We have whole teams of attractive and outgoing presenters who are trained to interact with passersby in an engaging and inviting manner, causing them to gladly accept promotional materials and samples. As an alternative to direct mail we can also go door to door hanging your door hangers in strategically selected areas.
read moreThe internet has boldly and permanently moved into our everyday lives. Do we really need to stress the importance of having a great website? In todays market you are dead in the water if you do not have an effective attention grabbing website. With the mind boggling array of websites out there how will yours separate itself? We will design and develop a website fit for giants. Whether you want a clean-cut straight forward website or a wild flash happy razzle-dazzle one, we will develop an optimal website geared towards your audience. With search engine optimization, we will make sure that traffic is increased to your new site.

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About Us
read moreIn a competitive market, you need to stand out. We will make you a giant sequoia among the pines, so that you can't be overlooked. Our promise is that our graphic design will demand the right kind of attention from the right kind of people, so that your brand can grow to its true potential. We understand that every market calls for a tailored approach, so we do our homework and study your market. If needed, we will kidnap members of your target market and interrogate them until we understand them perfectly.
Refer us for graphic design and
read moreWrite a testimonial if you had a bad experience, we want to hear from you even more. We hang all negative feedback over the founder's desk as a constant reminder of ways to improve. If you have done one of these things, thank you! We will do our best to earn the recommendation and make you look good. If we don't make you look good, we'll get you a nice pair of sunglasses, because everyone looks good in killer shades.
Copy writing
read moreNot so long ago, we hired a clever guy in New York to help us get this website speaking properly. We liked his work so much we decided to partner up, and we now offer copywriting services. The point is, there's a whole lot of words in the dictionary, and it can be hard to find the right ones. But you know they're in there somewhere. Think of us as your bloodhound to sniff them out.
Why choose to do graphic design
read moreMany companies think top-tier graphic design work requires big budgets and big agencies. We beg to differ. Our small band of artists and programmers are all masters of their craft, and we deliver top-tier work at impressive rates. Our goal is to grab your target audience and drive in sales, so that you can grow your business and become a Goliath. We will meet any deadline you can throw at us. They are called deadlines because failure to meet them results in public beheading here at Goliath Graffix.
Random collection of graphic design
read moreWe are also updating our other portfolio pages so be sure to visit us again soon or just contact us to inquire about your specific project. We probably have served others in the same industry so we'll have some great samples to show you.
Serving Pasadena
read moreWhen Fred Tatlyan founded Goliath Graffix in 2000, he had to pick a city as its home. Lucky for him, his own hometown of Pasadena just happened to be a creative hub and a constant source of inspiration, and so was the perfect place to open his graphic design business. Ever since then, the firm has been dedicated to serving Pasadena. The variety and character of the town makes it irresistible. Pasadena plays host to the geniuses of CalTech, but also to the old-time glory of the Rose Parade. It's the kind of place that can bring in the new without ruining the old.
Graphic Design Pasadena
read moreIn an extremely popular collection of tales from a long time ago, in a land far, far away, there is the story of David and Goliath. David and Goliath were soldiers on opposite sides of a war. Goliath was a giant, and. Goliath Graffix was founded, by accident, more than ten years ago by Pasadena native Fred Tatlyan. At the time, Fred was a student in the Psychology program at UC Davis, headed for a career in medicine. Quality letterhead makes you legit. A lack of quality stationary, however, makes your business look like it's run out of a storage shed.
FAQ about graphic design services
read moreWe are a small firm, with low overhead, and we pass the savings on to you. Often, we cost less than half what a big agency would charge! When you spend a dollar with us, it won't be allowed to go to waste. Instead, each one of your budgeted dollars will be made to do hard labor until it dies of exhaustion. Then, we will bury it with full honors in our account. Do you charge by the hour, or a flat rate? We generally work for a flat fee, because we like to keep our relationships simple, although some projects require hourly billing.
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