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TV & Satellite Systems in San Diego, CA
TV & Satellite Systems in San Diego, CA For those who have been unaware (or who may have lost track) of the substantial body of reassuring experience, evolutions and enthusiastic acceptances accumulating in regard to these Tools, and Alignments; an historical summary includes the following: Gourmet. ENTERTAlNING invented Sat Sites in 1983; ARC-SETs & SAT-SETs, in 1985; and, Optimum Polar Analysis in 1986. Enhancements, from user suggestions, evolved with: Sat Site Compass Points beyond South in '85, Velcro mounting in '87, and C+Ku in '90; ARC SET pre-setting in '86, use on off-center Feeds in '87, and 1-2-3 labeling in '88; and, Analysis full page out-put conveying Polar Alignment explanation in '90.

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San Diego, CA
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