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Gardening & Landscaping in Nashville, TN Our company is a partnership of local landscape lighting professionals that have joined together to design, install, and maintain the finest landscape lighting using the highest quality of fixtures in brass and copper. Using the latest lighting sources from quartz halogen and LED.

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Residential Lighting
read moreOur goal is to achieve the most striking effect with our lighting. In fact we say, "We don't sell fixtures, we sell an effect. We design our fixtures to maximize light output while minimizing glare. Using the best light source available, we build our products out of copper, which doesn't rust or chip but develops a natural patina and blends in with the landscaping. The best landscape lighting fixtures should not be seen by day or night.
Led Lighting
read moreLED Lighting is a great green solution due to their efficiency and long life!

LED (Light Emitting Diode) uses less power and each bulb potentially lasts up to 10 times longer (40,000 hours vs. 4,000 hours). LED is great because of:

LED lamps do not have to be changed every 1-2 years like halogen bulbs
Since LED uses lower wattage, you can use a smaller transformer
You are supporting GREEN TECHNOLOGY!!
Specialty Lighting
read moreWhat we offer:

Ponds Lights - Underwater pond lights use either a Par 35, 36 watt lamp or a 20-50 watt MR-16. Comes with a 15 foot lead, in brass, with adjustable aiming bracket.

Skyfuel - Construction grade solar paving lights beautify your home, business or community landscape. They come in a wide range of styles and colors and and have no batteries to charge, are maintenance free, 100% waterproof, can be driven on, are UV protected against discoloration by the sun and manufactured to operate in the harshest winter climates without degradation in performance. Available in a variety of shapes sizes and colors. Orange, Red, Green, Amber, Blue and White.

Solas Ray LED Lights - Solas Ray is another exciting offering for a true conversion gas light option that maintains the look of mantles burning in a lantern. Available in 2, 3 and 4 mantle options, these conversion kits can use standard line voltage, 12-24 volt low voltage and even solar energy to fire them up. Solas Ray offers an array of LED Light Options to match the fixture, application and light output requirements. The Flame Lens Style can be mounted on an "inverted mantle" or on a condelabra. The Mantle Style Lens is mounted on the "inverted mantle" to replicate the look of a gas lamp.


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