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Disability Services in Oakland, CA If you received a letter from the Social Security Administration denying your application for Social Security Disability benefits, do not give up. My legal staff and I will work with you to develop a strong case based on all available medical and non-medical evidence. With careful preparation, we'll work diligently to convince the Social Security Administration and Administrative Law Judges that you are deserving of Social Security Disability benefits. Contact our law office for immediate aid.

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Gutstadt Richard
read moreSimilarly, Social Security Field Offices are not open for claimant visits, but they are also operating by phone. Because we have local phone numbers, we can contact Field Offices, although they are very busy. We can fax local Field Offices and Payment Centers as well. We are also in touch via email with other attorneys and representatives. Consequently, we are able to stay in the "loop" to receive updates on hearings and procedures. We know that this is a stressful time for all, and we are committed to provide individualized, quality services to our clients.
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read moreEric has done a fantastic job of becoming one of the top Social Security Disability attorneys in the Bay Area. It is very gratifying to work closely together and be able to offer such a high level of representation. When I first started out, I learned from one of the most knowledgeable and winning Social Security Disability attorneys around.
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