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Law Firm in Kenosha, WI GUTTORMSEN, HARTLEY, WILK & HIGGINS, LLP is a complete service law company with a long tradition of service and commitment to the residents and businesses in Kenosha and Southeastern Wisconsin. Guttormsen, Hartley, Wilk & Higgins traces its origins back to James Cavanagh who began his law company in 1877. Throughout the years the company has been able to deliver its customers a tiny town setting with big city legal ability. Guttormsen, Hartley, Wilk & Higgins is one of the most diversified law companies in Kenosha County delivering the best quality legal services in numerous practice areas including litigation, estate planning.

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Social Security
read moreDo you know that a majority of people who apply for Social Security disability benefits have their initial application denied? Guttormsen& Hartley, LLP can help. Often, these deserving people with the assistance of an attorney are granted benefits through the appeal process. As you might expect, the Social Security system is complex and involved. Having someone who knows the procedures and potential pitfalls can assist you in receiving the benefits you so rightly deserve. Guttormsen& Hartley is that someone.
Personal Injury
read morePersonal injury law covers a broad spectrum of issues when one has been physically or emotionally injured, and/or personal property has been damaged. In legal circles, personal injury law is also known as "tort" law, the French word for "wrong." Personal injury or "tort" law is the body of law that allows one to be compensated in the event that someone's carelessness, recklessness or intentional misconduct injures or damages you or your personal belongings. Automobile accidents are classic examples of the types of events covered by tort law.
Estate Planning
read moreEstate planning is essential to ensure that the largest portion of your present net worth passes to those you decide should inherit. Guttormsen& Hartley can handle the preparation of wills and trusts which will provide for the orderly disposition of property to your loved ones. Through the use of wills, trusts and other estate planning techniques, estate taxes can be significantly reduced, and in some cases, completely eliminated. Another important estate planning tool if you should become disabled or incapacitated due to health reasons is the Power of Attorney.
Practice Areas
read moreThankfully it's not every day that you need a lawyer. However when you do, the attorneys of GUTTORMSEN& HARTLEY, LLP are prepared to diligently serve you. Being a full service law firm GUTTORMSEN& HARTLEY is prepared to assist individuals, businesses and other organizations in a wide variety of areas. We have been doing so for 135 years. Please review the practice areas listed on the side of this page. If there is something you don't see please ask us. In most cases we can help. If not we are able to refer you to a qualified professional that can help you.
Real Estate
read moreBuying and selling a home can be one of the most important decisions in a person's life. At Guttormsen& Hartley we can walk you through the process of buying or selling your home from start to finish. Here are just some of the many services we can provide you with. In addition to assisting Buyer's and Seller's in residential transactions, Guttormsen& Hartley is also experienced in commercial real estate, real estate development, land contracts and vacant land transactions. Whether you are buying or selling a commercial piece of property or vacant land or simply looking to do development; each transaction will bring its own unique set of circumstances that the attorneys of Guttormsen& Hartley can assist you with to help ensure you are legally protected.
Insurance Law
read moreCovering risks today is difficult, and becomes even more difficult with the existence of unreadable and at times limited insurance policies. In health insurance we see policies issued limiting coverage for pre-existing conditions and for individuals who smoke. Property insurance carriers are removing coverage for mold and other fungus. Guttormsen& Hartley LLP has the skills to decipher these insurance policies and help you obtain the insurance coverage and protection you expected. Whether it's a denial of a claim, an issue of premium payment or an issue as to the behavior of the insurance carrier or its agent, Guttormsen& Hartley can assist you.
read moreWhen a loved one passes away, it can be difficult to know how to handle their financial affairs. GUTTORMSEN& HARTLEY is sensitive to those needs and has been assisting families in Kenosha and Southeastern Wisconsin for decades by providing sound legal and tax advice to Personal Representatives and family members. The transferring ownership of a decedent's property is only part of the process known as Probate. With the death of a family member there are also questions of insurance, payment of bills and taxes.
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