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Law Firm in Gresham, OR Peter O. Hansen is directly descended from longshoremen and long ago decided to become a lawyer to protect the rights of workers. He combines thirty four years of immersion in Oregon workers' compensation with the work ethic of his father and grandfather. Since 1980, the Law Offices of Peter Hansen in Portland has helped customers in Oregon secure full disability benefits for work-related injuries. This is the primary focus of our practice, but we currently have handled 100's of individual injury accidents and Social Security disability claims.

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read moreWhen you are pursuing a workers' compensation case in Portland, OR, it's important to select the right representation. As an experienced attorney and native Oregonian, Peter O. Hansen is here to give you the help you need to get compensation for your workplace injury or illness. Mr. Hansen has wanted to help people throughout the community since he was a child. He participated in his first picket line at eight years old, and by the time he earned his degree in psychology from the University of Oregon, he realized his mission was to advocate on behalf of those who couldn't advocate for themselves.
Why Do I Need a Workers' Comp Lawyer
read moreKnow your rights and when you need someone by your side to fight for them. At the Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen, you always have a knowledgeable attorney to explain the best course of action after you've been hurt on the job. Unfortunately, laws in Portland, Oregon, favor insurers and employers, making it difficult to get the benefits you need to recover properly. But with help from Mr. Hansen, your chances of success dramatically multiply. The sooner you call a workers' comp lawyer, the better.
Workers' Compensation Medical Care
read moreGet the treatments and medications you need to recover or adjust to your injury or illness. By turning to the Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen, you get the guidance you need to thoroughly understand which workers' comp benefits you're entitled to, as well as the satisfaction of knowing you have an experienced attorney in your corner. Mr. Hansen is happy to take you step by step through the claims process to ensure there are no mistakes. This makes it much more likely that your claim will be accepted.
Workers' Comp Denied
read moreExperiencing a medical issue or injury at work can be scary and frustrating. But when you are denied your benefits, it can be truly disheartening. Fortunately, there are some courses of action you can take to make sure your needs are taken care of. At the Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen, you have someone in your corner to fight for your rights. Mr. Hansen has worked with countless clients who have had their workers' comp denied in Portland, OR. As a native of the state and someone who has been practicing law for more than four decades, he knows the most effective processes to use to increase your chances of receiving the positive outcome you deserve.
Workplace Injury Lawyer in Portland
read moreEvery job has the potential for workplace injuries, but some jobs have a higher risk of injury. Workers' compensation covers a variety of injuries, but it does not include everything. If you are in need of workers comp lawyers in Portland, Oregon, you can rely on the Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen for legal aid. For those individuals who do work in a high-risk occupation, the Employer Liability Law ensures your employer has to do everything in their power to protect their employees. If your employer violated this law and you were injured as a result, you could sue for damages for suffering, pain, and interference with personal life.
Filing a Workers' Comp Claim
read moreIf you've been hurt on the job or have gotten sick because of your normal working environment, you may not know what to do next. Employers and insurance companies look for any way possible to avoid paying out benefits, so it's important that you know when and how to file a claim. Fortunately, Peter O. Hansen is here to help. With this workers' compensation lawyer in your corner, you can get all the help you need to make this process as smooth as possible. He has spent more than four decades working with injured workers, which makes him highly qualified for your case.
Workers Compensation Lawyer Portland
read moreAre you wondering which types of injuries and conditions are covered under workers' compensation? At the Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen, you can find out what are the common accidents in workers' comp claims and Peter's work as a workers comp attorney in Portland, Oregon. There are a number of injuries and accidents that occur mainly or solely in the workplace. These include heavy objects falling on you, machinery malfunction, or auto accidents if you're in a driving profession. However, you cannot get workers' comp if you have these same accidents while you're at home or even on the way to work.
Workers Compensation Attorney in
read moreWhen you are in need of a work injury lawyer in Hillsboro, OR, it is imperative to select an attorney who will tailor their legal representation to your specific case. At the Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen, we start by helping you understand the benefits of workers' compensation in Oregon and how it will apply to you. When an injury or illness occurs because of an individual's working conditions, it is comforting to know an experienced attorney is in your corner. Whether you need medical care, physical rehabilitation, vocational retraining, or compensation for lost wages, you can depend on Mr. Hansen, a workers' comp attorney in Portland, Oregon.
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