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Communications & Networking in Roanoke, VA At Hollins Communications Research Institute (HCRI) our scientists have developed a powerful, innovative stuttering treatment program featuring new behavioral, electronic and computer technologies that significantly improve the learning and retention of fluent speech. The new Hollins Fluency Program: Advanced Speech Reconstruction for Stuttering is tailored to assist people who stutter successfully learn how to reconstruct faulty muscle contractions that cause stuttering and replace them with new muscle behaviors that generate fluent speech.

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read moreAt HCRI, our important work is made possible through the generosity of alumni and supporters who understand the remarkable change fluency brings to people's lives -- and who can identify with the need to make stuttering treatment continually better and more accessible. The therapy fees we receive only cover a portion of these expenses. That is why we, like other nonprofit organizations, depend on annual donations and special gifts to continue our important work and enhance people's lives through fluency.
What to Expect from HCRI Stuttering
read moreFollowing are insights provided by HCRI therapy program participants who recently completed their 12-day intensive treatment program at the Institute's treatment center in Roanoke, Virginia. Their advice is geared toward individuals who are just starting their fluency training at HCRI.
Stuttering Therapy Experts
read moreAt HCRI, we have dedicated our careers to advancing stuttering treatment and helping people open doors of opportunity through fluency that were never before possible. Each member of our clinical and research teams deeply cares about making lives better for people who stutter and helping HCRI clients succeed. Our clinicians are recognized for their compassion and expert technical skills. They work exclusively with individuals who stutter and have experience treating a broad range of stuttering types and severities.
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