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Medical Center in Chicago, IL To be the premier hearing, balance, and rehabilitation facility in the Midwest. We utilize only state of the art diagnostic equipment, administered by highly experienced and qualified doctors of Audiology in a compassionate and cost effective manner. We put our patients 1st, above all else. We show integrity, honesty, and fairness in our delivery of patient care, as well as the manner in which we conduct all kinds of business at Hearing Health Center.

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30 South Michigan Avenue # 1429
Chicago, IL
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Hearing Health Center
read moreNow, when you click the green bar BOOK AN APPOINTMENT on our web site you can schedule your date, time and office in a minute or two. Follow the simple prompts, select the office you want to visit and make your choices from a selection of availabilities. You will promptly receive an email or call from us to confirm your appointment and to gather any more information, if needed. 48 hours prior to your appointment, you will receive a text and email reminder. It's new, it's easy and it's fast! This exclusive program provides a pair of the best hearing aids for you-replaced by a new pair with the latest technology every three years.
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read moreWe believe in relationships, not transactions. Hearing care and treatment is not just a one-time purchase or visit. As Doctors of Audiology, we are concerned with your overall health. Your medical history, medications, and conditions are key factors in determining the best treatment for you. Just like with your internist, dentist, and other medical specialists you see, someone who knows you, your history, your family, and your needs is always best. Changes in your medications, heart function, memory, blood pressure, and other medical conditions can affect and cause changes in your hearing and processing ability.
Chicago Hearing Test
read moreYet every study in the last 10 years proves the direct link between hearing ability, the brain and cognitive function, making your hearing a vital part of every physician exam. That's why Hearing Health Center is committed to making sure that everyone in the community, over 50 years old, has a baseline hearing test. Moreover, there are different methods to remove earwax: suction, curettes, flushing, and more. The audiologists at Hearing Health Center are expertly trained in every method, utilize the best one for the type and amount of earwax, and the one most gentle for your comfort.
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