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Preschool in Gainesville, FL And welcome to A Child's Academy, where we understand what it means to provide a child the physical, emotional, and educational nourishment you need and want for them, all in a caring, Christian environment. A Child's Academy's preschoolers aren't just learning their alphabet they're already reading. Infants and toddlers get more than a babysitter; every day is filled with skill-building play, indoors and out.

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Heritage Park Office
read moreA Child's Academy is a dedicated preschool, VPK, and after school care provider. Our staff has extensive experience working with a wide range of age groups & personality types. We are committed to learn, teach & grow with your child. A Child's Academy is Gainesville Florida's premier provider of caring, professional preschool, child care and daycare services. ACA offers extensive preschool programs to select from in order to ensure that we can adeptly fill our parents' needs no matter what they may be.
About Us
read moreA Child's Academy sits on more than 11 acres, with fenced-in playgrounds for each age group, providing safety, security, and room to have fun. The two buildings encompass a spacious auditorium, the only of its kind in the area's preschools and childcare facilities Built originally as a school, the facility is not a retrofit of a retail space or an exaggerated afterthought that is more flash than function. The school is designed to stimulate creativity and not just provide a place for young children to spend their days.
Gainesville Preschool Education
read moreA Child's Academy's learning environment and preschool education philosophy is based on the latest research regarding social and emotional development, how children think and learn, and on the principles of physical development as well as cultural influences. We feel that the love and enjoyment of children is the primary approach for successful implementation. Children learn best through play, interaction, and repetition. Children learn by doing. A Child's Academy learning environment is based on this philosophy and uses the environment — the classrooms, the outdoors, the furniture, equipment, and the people — at the foundation for children's learning.
Childcare Jobs Gainesville FL
read moreA Child's Academy is Gainesville Florida's go-to provider for quality preschool, VPK, after school, and child care services. We are a top rated Alachua county preschool holding APPLE accreditation and a caring staff. We are always looking to expand and add compassionate child care specialists to our team. We understand the importance of diversification in teaching styles and aim to provide the children we care for with the best preschool curriculums in the industry. ACA hosts preschool enrichment programs, and instill philanthropic principles to our children within our lesson plans.
Preschool Philanthropy
read morePhilanthropy can be defined as the promotion of humanitarianism - a desire for the welfare of other individuals. Small Acts of kindness are what help make the world a better place. At a Child's Academy, we make it a point to instill important philanthropic principles into the children we care for. Long-term Scientific studies have demonstrated the significant impact that early childhood and learning experiences can have on the determination of later-in-life factors such as "health, education, and economic participation."
Gainesville Preschool Enrichment
read moreA Child's Academy offers our children and families a medley of enrichment programs to select from. Enrichment programs are designed to make subjects more meaningful. They give participants a look inside the history and proper technique behind many skill-sets, topics, and cultural activities. Our staff at a Child's Academy strives to introduce concepts from around the the world to our children in order to facilitate growth and emotional development. The enrichment programs offered by ACA serve the purpose of improving education within our preschool.
Two Year Old Programs
read moreOlder toddlers and 2-year-olds are at an age during which their awareness and curiosity of the surrounding world lead them to develop motor skills, communication skills and a greater interest in creative play and social interaction. Such age-appropriate milestones form the basis of our Twos program which is specifically geared toward 2-year-old children. Thematic units and carefully-planned activities incorporate sensory experiences, exploration, art, and language curiosity. A few of the goals of our Flamingo program include successfully expressing feelings and needs, participating in free play, and completing personal care tasks.
Gainesville Summer Camp
read moreA Child's Academy partners with the Bouncers Indoor Playground to create an all-inclusive summer camp program that is more than just a camp! With daily team building activities and collaborative week-long projects, our campers feel more like family! Unlike the academic school year, your school-age child won't spend the summer in a "race-to-the-top". Our summer camp focuses on the process of each activity, not just the product. Our campers are able to explore their individual interests at their own pace while experiencing everything that summer camp has to offer.
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