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Environmental Company in Winston Salem, NC Mold problems dont go away unless the right treatment and products are used and you are only assured of this when working with pros like us. As industry leaders with years of experience and loyal customer feedback, we know how to solve various mold problems that many homeowners and businesses face. Our teams are professional, punctual and ready to answer any questions you have about your mold problem.

Whether you are fighting a mold outbreak after a flood or want to remove unnoticed mold growth that is eating away at the foundations of your home, we have the treatments that can stop mold damage and remove mold for good. We also work with you to ensure that potential sources of mold, like water leaks, are fixed to prevent mold from rearing its ugly head a second time around. Our crew will not hesitate to recommend ways for preventing moisture and mold so that you can permanently eliminate spaces where mold can flourish.

Worried about a mold infestation in your home? Stick with the pros and call Hero Mold Company to know how we can help. Call today and get a free quote so you can get started towards reclaiming your home.

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Mold Inspections
read moreWe understand the dangers that mold poses when they invade your home. Our highly skilled team will conduct a thorough inspection to know the type of mold that have invaded your home, how far they have spread and where they all came from. We will conduct a diagnostic study to know what may have caused the problem. This will enable us to give a solution that will permanently get rid of mold in your home. The only way to eliminate mold from your house is by identifying their source and where are hiding and that is exactly what we do when we conduct a mold inspection.
Mold Removal
read moreMold and mildew can pose serious problems to a residential or commercial property. While some homeowners and business owners may choose to go the DIY route to get rid of mold in their properties, its prudent and wise to leave this task to the professionals. Mold remediation professionals have the right tools and equipment for the job and are highly trained and experienced in handling mold.


Ismael Shea
read moreI cannot say enough great things about Hero Mold Company. They explained to me how mold can grow and different possible sources of where the moisture could be coming from. They tested and the mold report came back in a few days they went over it with me and provided me with a plan to take care of my issue. They were knowledgeable and low pressure. I'm glad I found them.
Gerard Aldrich
read moreWhen I found what looked like mold in my home I researched online and came across Hero Mold Company. I called and talked to them and they were very nice and gave me a lot of good information on the phone. We tested and it came back for black mold. The black mold removal was done very quickly and efficiently. They were never too busy to talk to me and answer my questions. I feel so much safer now that it is gone. Thank You Hero Mold Company!
Rita Walker
read moreI had a major leak occur while away on vacation. We came home to find a broken pipe flooded water everywhere in our home. We are not sure what day of our trip it happened but the water setting turned into a mold problem. We called two companies to come out and I am glad I did. The price difference was in the thousands. We liked Hero Mold Company the best and they were the better priced, they explained to us exactly what was going to be done from beginning to end and how it will solve the mold issues. They were professional and accommodating and made a very stressful situation as smooth as possible. I highly recommend them.
Andrew Carpenter
read moreI was recommended to Hero Mold Company when my home inspector suspected mold growth in the home I was about to purchase. They came out and found the problem and took some mold tests. Within a couple of days the results came back positive as the home inspector suspected. Hero Mold Company gave me a plan on everything we needed to do and they explained everything in detail and were very patient in answering all my questions. They also talked to the sellers. The sellers hired Hero to take care of everything and we were able to close on time, which was a really good thing as the home I was living in had already sold and I had to get out so the new home owners could move in.
Jill Watters
read moreThank you Hero Mold Company for a dry and mold free basement. Everyone was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with.
Hamil Branson
read moreThe excellent work inside my home's crawl space by Hero Mold Company really exceeded my expectations.
John Theodore
read moreHero Mold Company is very thorough in there mold inspection. they carefully documents every problematic area with photos and notes. they really knows there stuff and writes up a DETAILED report with recommendations for remediation. they showed up on time and are very passionate about there work.
Highly recommend Hero Mold Company if you suspect a mold issue in your home.
Carmen Arnold
read moreHero Mold Company was terrific. They were very professional, fair, upfront and took care of what I thought might be a mold issue in my house. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Frank Gans
Mar 06, 2021
Great job!
Hero Mold Company did a great job sealing the balcony floor. They paid a great attention to the small details. Their professionalism and work ethics made the job very pleasant. He successfully coordinated with other crews for work needed to done during the water proof process. The completed work looks great. They will always have our recommendations to neighbors and friends.
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Hero Mold Company - Winston Salem
read moreYour local Mold Removal contractor in North Carolina and Virginia. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality Mold Removal services at the most affordable rates. Besides providing professional expertise and quality services like crawlspace encapsulation and repairs Hero Mold Company offers free estimates and upfront prices on all services provided. Your Mold Removal Pros are only a call away! Mold removal is one of the most complicated home maintenance tasks you need to do for the home.
About Us
read moreMold removal is one of the most complicated home maintenance tasks you need to do for the home. This is because you have to take in various factors such as health and safety risks as well as make sure that you using the right techniques to remove this infestation. We at Hero Mold Company know that only a professional crew can ensure that your home is mold-free after a treatment. Read on to know why it pays to work with professionals to fix a mold infestation so you can live in a clean, safe and mold-free home.
Water Damaged or Rotted Wood Repair
read moreEvery homeowner knows water and humidity is the most destructive force they face in the home. Roof leaks can cause major damage to a home's wooden framing, finish wood flooring and molding because they are often hidden from view. Water leaks can run down exterior fascia Boards, beams, down chimneys and end up pooling far away from where they started. The wood damage is easily overlooked until serious wood rot has occurred and your facing a tear-out. Water Damaged wood also comes from a sudden release of water inside home burst plumbing pipe, tank water heater, overflow of tub or sink, toilet backup, flood and others.
Mold Testing & Inspection Services
read morePeople living in southern climes like Chapel Hill, NC are certain to face problems with high humidity. High humidity if not controlled within our businesses and homes will afford mold which is ever-present in our environment an opportunity to grow and will often be accompanied by moisture loving critters looking for food and shelter. If you find mold covering a wall, under a floor covering or in a crawl space, seek help from professionals they'll get the mold removed fast and advise or implement precautions to keep it from coming back.
Local North Carolina Mold Removal
read moreHey, business owners and residents in North Carolina and Virginia, are you in need of mold removal and remediation at your home or business? Is it finally time to renew your health and home by having a diagnostic study and ridding your life of mold and mildew? At Hero Mold Company, we have the professionals that can take an unlivable property due to mildew and mold, and have it livable once again! With decades of experience and a superior skill set, we have successfully tackled large projects such as hospitals, and restaurants throughout North Carolina and Virginia.
Mold Testing & Inspection Services
read moreHero Mold Company has been certified by IICRC and RSA certifications which means we have been trained by those organizations for Industry established mold and moisture inspections and effective mold removal or remediation procedures. IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration) is the non-profit certifying, teaching and resource center for the cleaning and restoration industry. All of their certifying programs are based on modern science and years of industry experience. RSA (Restoration Sciences Academy) an institute developed to training real-world application of cleaning or restoration practices for mold remediation, water restoration- drying out building materials and hazardous biological cleanup.
Mold Testing & Inspection Services
read morePerhaps you're here because adverse reactions to possible mold infestation where you live or work are causing loved family members or valued employees' sickness and you also fear damage to building materials. When Mold is smelled in a home, business or noticed blooming on walls, we know the mold is rotting the building materials such as wood, drywall and carpet. Thus, getting rid of mold is not only important to protect the health of those we love but also the value of your property. Hero Mold Company and we'll respond quickly to provide you with a free mold and moisture inspection including an estimate of costs for cleanup.
Mold Testing & Inspection Services
read moreHomeowner and Managers seek help immediately when foul mold odors sicken the people you love or depend upon. Because, before you realize it, mold growth multiplies exponentially: One day only a closet corner has mold growth; next day it's half the closet wall. Plus, as mold eats away interior building materials including merchandise, it destroys your investments and disturbs clients. Protect people and your investments, call Hero Mold Company for a free Professional Mold Inspection. We'll respond quickly to schedule a free mold and moisture inspection.
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