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Pest Control Services in Hayward, CA That is more than all fires and floods combined. Rather than fast and furious, termites work slowly and silently as they eat away your home or other property. Whether old or new, damage is done without you realizing it. Several species of termites attack structures in California. You can check for signs of termite infestation even before having an expert inspection. Tiny brown, beige or black droppings around baseboards, window sills and door jams can indicate termite presence. Brown mud tubes or tunnels can indicate serious infestation.

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Termite Control and Inspection
read moreA large number of properties in US get damaged due to termites. We cannot even estimate the amount of destruction these termites cause to any property. Most of time people are unaware about the destruction getting caused as with normal eyes it is very difficult to find out the termites. We might not be able to find the strains of termites in our property but the professionals would never get deceived. If you are looking for Termite Company, then contact Hitech Termite as we have the best professionals who would inspect any property and could identify even the slightest of the strains of termites.
Termite Control and Inspection
read moreTermite problems are the biggest threat to property anywhere in the world. These small insects can cause unfathomable damage to woodwork. This means all windows, doors and door jams in your home, not to speak of trees and plants in your garden. To solve this problem, you need to call a professional termite control service company. At HI TECH Termite, we offer a wide range of services. We understand that common Tenting may not always be effective. So we offer other specialized methods for eradicating termites such as, Borate Foam Injection, microwave and non-repellant Termidor methods.
Termite Control
read moreFor a homeowner, your home is a source of pride and is very important to you but to termites, your home is simply delicious food that these tiny, seemingly harmless creatures will not hesitate to consume from the inside out. It's is up to you to protect your pride and your investment. Get in contact with a trusted termite company like Hi Tech Termite Control of Palo Alto, CA. With over a decade of experience in termite control industry, we are Palo Alto's leading termite company and have helped homeowners like you to get rid of termite infestation for several years.
Termite Company
read moreThe biggest investment people make in their lifetime is buying a house. It can take years to save the money to put down on a house. Buying a house doesn't mean the rest of your life will be stress free. One of the biggest problems that homeowners face is termites. If your house gets infested by termites, your first reaction will be fear of what will happen to your home's structure, but there are solutions. Hi Tech Termite Control has been handling San Mateo Termite Control for over a decade. We have a proven system that will get your house termite-free in no time so you can protect your investment.
Termite Treatment
read moreMany people have been fooled into believing they have no termite problems, until they are one day surprised in their seemingly sound house. Consequently homeowners should be aware that one of the biggest threats to their homes might not be a fire, storm or other natural disasters, it could be that of a termite infestation. That is why Hi Tech Termite Control of Los Gatos is here, to help you get rid of termites if your home has been invaded and to prevent any future infestation. Our years of experience in termite control have made us the go-to termite company in Los Gatos, CA.
Termite Control
read moreA house is most often one of the greatest investments that people will make in their lifetime. However, while calculating the expenses of maintaining a house, homeowners usually leave out the cost of keeping their homes termite-free. These silent destroyers can account for more damage to property than earthquakes, floods, fires, etc. combined together. They often go unnoticed for years while chewing away at your investment. Therefore, it's important that homeowners become aware of this huge threat to their investment and enlist the help of a professional termite company like Hi Tech Termite Control to put their minds at ease.
Termite Control
read morePeople typically ignore the presence of termites in their homes because they assume they're just ants, but this belief is misleading and it can cost thousands of dollars to repair the damage termites are capable of inflicting on a home. If left unchecked, the creatures will eat through the walls of your home, furniture and anything wooden around the house, causing extensive damage to the property. As a result, you should start thinking of pairing up with professional termite exterminator like the Fremont-based termite company, Hi Tech Termite Control.
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