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Storage Services in Houston, TX HMT supplies quality products and services to contractors and end users in the bulk liquid storage market. HMT's success centers on our solid understanding of the changing industry and environmental requirements of our clients. HMT supplies various kinds of tank products globally to all kinds of end consumers and contractors. Special products and programs are founded to support tank builders in their local markets around the world. In addition to supporting tank builders in the US, HMT supplies a comprehensive suite of tank services for the bulk liquid storage market.

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read moreHMT, founded in 1978, has been the global leader in storage tank technology development. HMT provides quality products including: external seal systems, internal seal systems, floating suction and drain systems, aluminum dome roofs, skin and pontoon floating roofs, full contact floating roofs and emissions reduction devices. In addition, HMT's global team of engineers, project managers and field personnel can assist with common challenges including ways to reduce emissions, optimize tank capacity, reduce stranded inventory and engineer a tank system that exceeds safety standards and extends maintenance intervals.
read moreHMT offers outstanding technical expertise, service and a full range of proprietary products and services, guided by EPA standards and better designed than any other on the market. As a full service company, HMT is able to move quickly and cost effectively on customer repair and maintenance needs. HMT provides routine maintenance service as well as special repairs and replacements required due to corrosion, deterioration, or damage from wind, fire or sinking of floating roofs. HMT has the technical expertise to evaluate the specific conditions and determine the most appropriate corrective action to be taken.
read moreHMT's experienced personnel oversee each phase of turnkey projects, from initial approval to project completion and everything in between. The result is a turnkey project with exceptional safety performance, unequaled quality workmanship, and a full range of unmatched engineering services. In addition, HMT has successfully teamed up with other key suppliers to provide complete turnkey services with just one purchase order. This provides quicker tank turn-around, reduces internal project management, coordinates costs and reduces additional mobilization costs.
read moreOur seasoned field installation teams can perform installations of floating roofs, seals, drains, geodesic domes, appurtenances, and most retrofits or modifications to aboveground storage tanks. Our product crews are specialists in this work and understand the many nuances of proper tank product installation. For international projects or to support other tank contractors, HMT offers technical supervision to ensure safe, efficient, proper installation of our products.
read moreHMT Inspection offers a complete line of NDT services and engineering evaluation capability for Aboveground Storage Tanks, pressure vessels and piping systems to report and advise on applicable guidelines and compliance with API Standard 653, API Standard 570, API Standard 510, STI Standard SP001, AWWA, Underwriters Laboratories and other industry inspection standards such as those issued by The Fertilizer Institute, The Fiberglass Tank Institute, and The Plastics Institute. HMT Inspection also provides evaluations of containment areas for SPCC and DOT compliance purposes.
read moreOver the years, HMT has evolved into a full-line supplier of services for aboveground storage tanks. Our regional offices throughout the U.S. serve as bases for project managers, repair and maintenance crews, product installation specialists, and technical customer support. In addition, HMT holds a new tank division, painting, coating and linings division and an inspection business that covers the domestic United States. HMT offers other services including tank strapping / calibration, engineering services and custom fabrication for tank appurtenances or steel components such as ladders, platforms or walkways.
read moreHMT provides tank calibration service, commonly known as "Tank Strapping" which is the procedure for measuring storage tanks, barges, ships, or any liquid bulk container to provide the necessary dimensions for capacity table calculations. HMT services are developed under the guidance of applicable API Standards for tank calibration. HMT employs a written policy and procedure manual to ensure all tank calibration work is performed in a uniform manner. All tank calibration work is conducted in strict accordance with sound engineering principals as well as the latest American Petroleum Institute (API) Manual of Petroleum Measurements Standard and International Organization of Standardization (ISO) Standards.
read moreHMT is committed to resolving the challenges confronting the aboveground storage tank industry. Our success is attributed to our exceptionally service-oriented staff, which is dedicated to providing quality products and efficient service with a safety program that is second-to-none. Innovative, forward-looking designs, tank usability, and attention to customer's bottom line are some of the many benefits HMT brings to the table. HMT's staff of seasoned, highly qualified engineers and detailers provide engineering, design and detailing services for tank products, tank repair, and new tanks.
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