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Real Estate Inspector in Thornton, CO Home Front Inspection is an independent Certified Home inspection firm that serves Denver, Colorado and the greater front selection. Owned and run by Phil Gage, former president of Colorado National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Get the knowledge and the professionalism you expect. Phil will be your finest advocate in the purchase of your new home because he works solely for you, his customer. He won't hide information to aid the sale go through. Some Inspectors practice this deception and the realtors aren't even aware of it.

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11737 Glencoe Court
Thornton, CO
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Homefront Inspection
read moreWe tailor your inspection to serve your individual needs, by providing high standards of practice with the best pricing, we stand apart from the others. Our certified multi inspector firm allows us to fit your schedule and choose the best inspector for your individual needs. Something other individual inspection companies just can't do. Our Full Inspection include: Free 90 Day Limited home warranty, Buy your house back guarantee, Free Thermal imaging moisture, Free Structural Survey. Our Major Component Only inspection is designed to save the home buyer money while still providing a quality inspection on only the major components.
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read moreFailure to have these extra services performed could be hazardous to your health or end up costing you $1000.00's of dollars.
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read moreA home inspection is only as good and the inspectors ability to communicate. That is why a well drafted report is vital to your understanding and decision making process. The report is the product of which your are receiving. Make sure you know what you are getting before you hire your home inspector.
Major Component Only Inspection
read moreIn this current market, home buyers are forgoing a home inspection because they are more afraid of loosing the house then buying a money pit. Many home buyers have regrets for not having their home inspected. Also some home sellers are selling their home in "As Is" condition and prohibit the buyer to request a home inspection. Don't you want to know what As Is, is? I don't know about you, but I would be very leery purchasing a house where the seller won't disclose the condition of the house and then requires the buyer to forfeit a home inspection.
Home front Inspection of Denver
read moreThe inspectors at Homefront Inspection LLC take their job seriously. Each inspector is InterNachi Certified, Educated and Well Trained to provide you with the best inspection we can.
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read moreThis chart is the average cost involved with common home repairs. It is highly recommended that you obtain at minimum of 3 quotes from qualified professionals for a more accurate expense.
First time home buyer
read moreBecoming a home owner is a very exciting moment in your life. It can also be a very scary and emotional time. The financial uncertainties and worries of buying a home can be very nerve racking. On the other hand, home ownership can be very rewarding. However, this all depends on finding the right home inspector to make this an enjoyable experience. Before you purchase a home, what you need is a friend who can calmly guide you through the house to inform you of the condition and functionality of the house.
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read moreWith the recent high winds, we have noticed some noises coming from the attic and would like to find out what is making the noise. First, there was a loud sound coming from the attic that sounded like a fan spinning extremely fast. Not quite sure what this might have been but it seemed to be in the vicinity of where the guest bathroom fan might be. Still not sure how this would be occurring. Secondly, the fan in the upstairs ceiling (the house fan) began turning very quickly and the fan louvers began opening so that the attic was open to the interior of the house.
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